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William J. Cea Presents “Learning Lien Law”

William J. Cea Presents “Learning Lien Law”

Becker & PoliakoffWilliam J. Cea, Board Certified Construction Attorney by The Florida Bar, presented “Learning Lien Law” on Friday, September 28 to the Construction Law CLE Committee of the Palm Beach County Bar Association (PBCBA).

This presentation covered the basis for liens under applicable statutes, who is entitled to record a lien, and preliminary conditions and deadlines for the lien.

NAVIGATING THE PROCESS: This presentation covered the non-judicial aspects of implementing the lien law, including, for example, proper payment and lien releases, contractor affidavits and demands for sworn statements of account available under Chapter 713.

ENFORCEMENT, REMEDIES AND BONDS: This presentation focused on the tools that can be utilized by lienors and owners in the prosecution and defense of lien claims. The discussion focused on the pitfalls that lienors must be prepared for and the defenses that owners have to liens, including those that were otherwise properly perfected.

3.5 CLER and 3.5 Certification credits in Construction law and Real Estate law