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“Apathy is Everywhere” – Florida Community Association Journal

“Apathy is Everywhere” – Florida Community Association Journal


Apathetic members of associations are a troubling reality. The apathy manifests itself by the lack of participation in running for the board of directors, in voting, and in adhering to the restrictions of the governing documents. The problem with the apathy is that it can interfere in the proper administration of an association and prevent progress.

Community associations need concerned owners willing to participate in running the association in order to promote needed change, invigorate the community nature of an association, and ensure proper management. Apathy in running and serving on boards causes the same few members to serve on the board, year after year after year. This scenario can create environments that fuel suspicion, breed hostility, and thwart forward momentum.

A major problem with apathy in voting is that needed changes are prevented from occurring to the restrictions of an association. Many communities have restrictions that are out of touch with the current needs of the community, or worse, are improper, unenforceable, or confusing.

Lastly, apathy in adhering to the governing documents occurs typically either because the members just do not take the time to concern themselves with the restrictions contained in the governing documents or they simply just have no desire to comply. The cost of compliance activities to associations is an expense that should not be necessary and pulls money out of the association that could better be used on improving the community.