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“Reflections On The Lasting Effects Of The COVID-19 Pandemic,” FLCAJ Magazine

No one has a crystal ball to look into the future, but some things are more likely than others. The many media references to the “2020 Bingo Card,” containing any number of unfathomable happenings, supports the idea that no one could possibly have predicted the kinds of questions lawyers are receiving from their community association […]

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“New Laws,” FLCAJ Magazine

New F.S. 718.129, 719.131, and 720.318 provide that an association may not prohibit parking a law enforcement vehicle where the officer has a right to park. F.S. 760.27 provides that a person seeking an emotional support animal must provide certain supporting information to qualify if the relate need for an ESA is not readily apparent. […]

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“Navigate the Claims Process Successfully,” FLCAJ Magazine

Navigating an insurance claim after a significant loss can be frustrating, costly, and time consuming. Associations have an obligation to cooperate with their insurance company fully and completely during the claims process, even in the most daunting of circumstances. Failure to adhere to that duty may result in the denial of an insurance claim even […]

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“Take a Bite Out of Fraudulent Emotional Support Animal Requests,” FLCAJ Magazine

One of the most difficult issues facing community association board members is how to evaluate and address requests for accommodations for emotional support animals (“ESA”). Often, mental disabilities are not as visible and obvious as many physical disabilities. Combine this with the number of websites and individual medical professionals that advertise to write letters after […]

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“Don’t Forget Reserves!,” FLCAJ Magazine

As budgeting season approaches, community associations must once again grapple with the continuing issues of reserves. Under ordinary circumstances, reserve funding increases the amount owners need to contribute to the association every month, since reserves are required above and beyond the association’s operating expenses. In light of the recent economic changes, reserves may be something […]

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“Leaders of the Industry,” FLCAJ Magazine

Becker Shareholder Kenneth S. Direktor has been recognized by FLCAJ Magazine as a leader in the community association industry. “Kenneth S. Direktor serves as Chair of Becker’s Community Association Practice—a group comprised of 50-plus attorneys throughout Florida and New Jersey. Ken focuses his practice on the representation of condominium, homeowners and cooperative associations, and country […]

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“Lessons We’re Learning from COVID-19,” FLCAJ Magazine

The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the operational script for many industries, including the community association industry. As with most of life’s challenges, we are acquiring take-away lessons that will help us adapt even more quickly the next time a curveball heads our way. The following lessons our boards, residents, and managers have learned over the […]

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“Disaster Planning Beyond Hurricanes,” FLCAJ Magazine

Florida associations are accustomed to preparing for hurricanes, but disaster plans should also account for other catastrophic events where there is often less advance warning, such as tornadoes or even activeshooter scenarios. Relying on outside crisis experts for guidance is crucial to ensure that your association is prepared to handle an unexpected and dangerous situation, […]

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“Community Association Law Headed in the Right Direction,” FLCAJ Magazine

Over the years, there have been a number of advents in Florida community association law toward allowing technology to facilitate the operation of community associations. For many years, board members were able to call in to board meetings and attend and vote, so long as speaker phones were available at the meeting site for members […]

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“Occupancy Restrictions and the FHA,” FLCAJ Magazine

Many Associations’ Declarations contain occupancy restrictions relating to the number of bedrooms in a home or unit. The standard provision reads two person per bedroom are permitted in a unit or home. However, does this occupancy restriction violates the federal and/or Florida Fair Housing Acts (“FHA”)? The short answer is, it depends. Fair Housing Acts […]

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