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“Leasing Restrictions – Be Sure You Can Do What You Think You Can Do,” FLCAJ Magazine

For over a year, it would appear from the outside that the only issue Florida community associations have been dealing with is the pandemic. Those of us who work with, live in, or manage condominiums know this is not the case. However, it did seem that COVID-19 issues superseded all other issues for some time. […]

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“How to Handle Unexpected and Dangerous Situations,” FLCAJ Magazine

Florida associations are accustomed to preparing for hurricanes, but disaster plans should also account for other catastrophic events where there is often less advance warning, such as tornadoes, active shooter scenarios, and now global pandemics. Relying on outside crisis experts for guidance is crucial to ensure that your association is prepared to handle an unexpected […]

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“Becker Uncovers Collusion Between Florida OIR & Citizens Insurance,” FLCAJ Magazine

Written By Steve Hallo Citizens Property Insurance allegedly overcharged Florida condominium association policyholders for years, according to the Fort Lauderdale, FL., law firm Becker. The firm also accuses the Florida Office of Insurance Regulations (OIR) of partaking in secret communications with the insurer, which resulted in a consent order being issued without a trial or […]

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“Homeowner Association Confusion & Frequently Asked Questions,” FLCAJ Magazine

Although the term community association encompasses different types of community associations, in Florida, the two predominant forms of community associations are homeowners associations and condominium associations. There are vast differences but also numerous similarities between the two. Unfortunately, this can cause confusion when owners, directors, and/or managers assume the two are the same. Simply put, […]

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Becker Awarded FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Award For Seventh Consecutive Year

For the seventh consecutive year, Becker has earned a Diamond Level Readers’ Choice Award from the Florida Community Association Journal (FLCAJ). The FLCAJ announced its eighth annual Readers’ Choice Award winners in the March 2021 issue of the magazine. The FLCAJ Readers’ Choice Awards is a unique recognition program that shines a spotlight on the […]

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“Projects in Mind for the New Year?” FLCAJ Magazine

For many, 2020 felt like it was a giant pause button in an otherwise whirlwind of activity. Due to health and safety concerns related to COVID-19, many planned repairs and/or replacement projects were postponed. As the new year starts off, communities may begin to look at starting these projects anew. If your community is one […]

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“Reflections On The Lasting Effects Of The COVID-19 Pandemic,” FLCAJ Magazine

No one has a crystal ball to look into the future, but some things are more likely than others. The many media references to the “2020 Bingo Card,” containing any number of unfathomable happenings, supports the idea that no one could possibly have predicted the kinds of questions lawyers are receiving from their community association […]

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“New Laws,” FLCAJ Magazine

New F.S. 718.129, 719.131, and 720.318 provide that an association may not prohibit parking a law enforcement vehicle where the officer has a right to park. F.S. 760.27 provides that a person seeking an emotional support animal must provide certain supporting information to qualify if the relate need for an ESA is not readily apparent. […]

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“Navigate the Claims Process Successfully,” FLCAJ Magazine

Navigating an insurance claim after a significant loss can be frustrating, costly, and time consuming. Associations have an obligation to cooperate with their insurance company fully and completely during the claims process, even in the most daunting of circumstances. Failure to adhere to that duty may result in the denial of an insurance claim even […]

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“Take a Bite Out of Fraudulent Emotional Support Animal Requests,” FLCAJ Magazine

One of the most difficult issues facing community association board members is how to evaluate and address requests for accommodations for emotional support animals (“ESA”). Often, mental disabilities are not as visible and obvious as many physical disabilities. Combine this with the number of websites and individual medical professionals that advertise to write letters after […]

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