Becker Means Broward: Inaugural Edition

Becker Means Broward: Inaugural Edition

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Becker Means Broward! This semi-regular newsletter will provide our clients and friends with important updates on all things Broward County. Today’s update highlights the County’s FY 2023 Budget process.

On July 15, the County Administrator’s Recommended Budget was published. This will be followed by certification of the millage rates and two budget workshops in August. Finally, the budget will be adopted in September after two public hearings. It is important to note that the County Commission chose not to increase the millage rate for FY 2023 so ad valorem taxes will not increase based on a rising tax rate. However, increased property values may have tax bill consequences.

The County Administrator’s total Recommended Budget for FY 2023 is $6.893 billion. Overall, the total FY 2023 Recommended Budget is $149.9 million or 2.2% higher than the FY22 budget. It is worth pointing out that the Operating Budget has increased by 14.3% overall, reflecting the return to more normal activity levels at the airport and Port Everglades.

The Capital Budget sees many exciting projects funded. The budget allocates funding for major capital improvements to the County’s main Judicial Complex and regional courthouses. These projects include $57.9 million of renovation and staff relocation projects necessary to complete the six-floor renovation of the Judicial Complex’s East Wing. It is exciting to see game changing airport projects included in the Capital Program including funding for additional terminal expansion to bring the total number of gates to 77, designing and constructing an Automated People Mover, replacement of the Palm Garage, and the development of an Intermodal Center, including a parking garage and future development of a bus transfer and transit center. Port Everglades will also see major projects advance in the Capital Program including $25 million for enhancements at Cruise Terminal 4, new bulkheads at eight berths, new cranes and related improvements, the I-595 flyover project, and the Army Corps of Engineers’ Deepening and Widening project.

The Recommended Budget also includes over $1 billion in projects funded by the Transportation Surtax. Public works projects include adaptive signal control, mast arms, sidewalks including drainage, street lighting, school zones, road capacity expansion, bridges, and drainage. Transit specific projects include fixed route buses, paratransit vehicle replacement, transitway planning; bus shelter; electric bus charging infrastructure, planning for the West Broward Regional Transfer Facility and Intermodal Center; planning for a Paratransit Operation Facility; reconstruction of the Copans facility, planning for the Hollywood Transit Transfer facility, and information technology and security enhancements. Surtax revenues fund existing transit service, community shuttle service, the Late Night Shift Connect and MicroTransit program pilots, regional transportation as well as an allocation for municipal capital projects.

This is simply a snapshot of exciting things found in the almost $7 billion budget. Links to the budget materials can be found below. As always, the Becker Team stands ready to help our clients learn more about, and ultimately win, these projects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or to schedule a strategy session!

Direct links to budget materials:

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