Local Government Lobbying & Procurement

Governmental entities, at all levels, purchase hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of goods and services from outside vendors. Becoming a government vendor can be very lucrative for private companies who understand the complexities and nuances of governmental bidding and contracting. We work closely with clients to navigate the highly structured procurement process and with clients whose businesses are impacted day to day, both positively and negatively, by local ordinances and regulations.

Our team has helped clients, in various industries, change local ordinances and win multi-million dollar concessions and contracts for food, retail, duty free, billboards, bus benches, for hire transportation, shuttle services, luggage wrapping, luggage carts, currency exchange, phone cards, hotels, audit and accounting, parking, waste and recycling, janitorial, insurance, software and software implementation, auto tag agencies, construction and engineering services, etc.

The procurement process requires knowledge and experience in various aspects of drafting, negotiating, lobbying, and litigating procurement matters, including invitations for bids, requests for proposals, design-build contracts, change orders, bid disputes and payment and performance bond claims. The legal issues surrounding public procurement are especially complicated because each public body has a unique set of rules and regulations governing their procurement process which must be followed precisely and often require extraordinary documentation in very short timeframes to submit, petition or protest an award.

Thus, our clients who do business with governments rely on our knowledge, contacts, responsiveness and determination to get the job done. Our team is well-versed in the nuances of Request for Letter of Interest (RLI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes used by most state, local and quasi-governmental entities in Florida. Other members of the Local Lobbying and Government Procurement team have provided strategic and political advice, on call lobbying, helped draft responses for literally hundreds of winning concessions and contracts bids, and served as counsel on bid protests in numerous jurisdictions.

Services Provided

  • Represent clients in enacting or amending local ordinances and regulations impacting businesses, vendors or concessionaires
  • Represent clients throughout the government procurement process, including assistance in review and submittal of bids and responses to requests for proposals, requests for qualifications, requests for letters of interests, and other public solicitations
  • Assist clients with identifying and advocating for business opportunities with local governments
  • Monitor/notify/assist with review of public advertisements and availability of public project
  • Placement on public vendor list with purchasing divisions for government agencies
  • Review terms and conditions of advertisements for government contracts
  • Review submittal requirements set forth in procurement documents
  • Assist in preparation and review of bids, proposals, qualifications, and letter of interest in government contracts
  • Lobby and interact with government officials to further clients’ goals
  • Advise as to applicable statutory and administrative rights and remedies – re: qualification, ranking, award, and protest in government contracts
  • Intervene to challenge government agency actions, preparation of protest petitions, and represent clients in all phases of contract awards, including qualifications, rankings, and contract negotiations
  • Intervene to defend awards challenged by competitive bidders or third parties
  • Negotiate with government agencies re: resolution of government contract disputes
  • Negotiate final contracts pursuant to government contract awards, including issues such as terms of payment, contractual liability, or insurance coverage and other mandatory contractual provisions
  • Assist with development and maintenance of governmental contract relations
  • Negotiate and secure municipal land leases and/or CRA financial incentives for clients selected for development within urban and/or CRA Districts
  • Represent and negotiate municipal contract extensions without the necessity of new RFP’s