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Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of January 13, 2020

Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of January 13, 2020

The House

The House returns on Monday evening this week and is expected to take up legislation appointing House managers and transmitting articles of impeachment to the Senate. The vote is expected on either Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

The House is also expected to hold a number of important hearings this week, including:

  • The Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations hearing entitled, “A Public Health Emergency: State Efforts to Curb the Opioid Crisis,” on Tuesday.
  • The House Veterans Affairs Committee, Economic Opportunity Subcommittee hearing entitled, “Making HUD-VASH Work for All Veteran Communities,” on Tuesday.
  • The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, Aviation Subcommittee hearing entitled, “Oversight of Working Conditions for Airline Ground Workers,” on Wednesday.
  • The Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on Communications and Technology hearing entitled, “Lifting Voices: Legislation to Promote Media Marketplace Diversity,” on Wednesday.

The Senate

The Senate is also in session this week. As the Senate awaits the articles of impeachment from the House, they are expected to vote on Peter Gaynor’s nomination to serve as the next administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) early this week. Additionally, this week a number of Senate committees will markup the legislation to implement the pending new free trade agreement between the United States, Mexico, and Canada, including the:

  • Environment and Public Works Committee (on Tuesday)
  • Budget Committee (on Tuesday)
  • Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee (on Wednesday)
  • Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee (on Wednesday)
  • Foreign Relations (on Thursday)

The Administration

On Monday, President Trump is expected to travel to New Orleans to attend the college football national championship game between Louisiana State University and Clemson University. The President is expected to speak at a campaign rally in Milwaukee on Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, the White House will host a signing ceremony for “Phase One” of the trade agreement with China. Friday, President Trump will travel to Palm Beach, Florida to speak at a fundraising dinner.

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