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Community Update – February 2020

Community Update – February 2020


Becker & PoliakoffThis month, we shine a spotlight on some of the issues that boards contend with on a regular basis. From election procedures to collection policies and data breach prevention, we provide practical guidance to help steer you and your community in the right direction.

Our first article, “Election Process – Part 2 of 2,” is a follow-up to last month’s featured article on do’s and don’ts during election season. Read on for tips on running a smooth election in your own community.

You’ve tried to collect payment from a delinquent owner and there’s been no movement on their end to settle the balance. What should you do? Find out in our second article, “How Does Your Collection Policy Stack Up?”

Associations are attractive targets for hackers since they hold a multitude of personal information on residents. Learn the steps you can take to protect your association in our third article, “Data Breach Prevention.”

Lastly, “Management Companies and CAM Licenses,” discusses whether or not your property manager must be licensed in the state of Florida.

Also, don’t miss this month’s Spanish Feature, “¡FRAUDE! Golpe fuerte para las comunidades latinas.”