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From Chaos to Order: Tips from a Decluttering Pro on Hoarding and Maintaining Your Association’s Records

From Chaos to Order: Tips from a Decluttering Pro on Hoarding and Maintaining Your Association’s Records

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Are you struggling with a hoarder in your association and need practical advice? Do your Association’s books and records need some attention now that new laws in Florida require them to be kept in an “organized fashion”? Tune in to “Take it to the Board” with Donna DiMaggio Berger as she unpacks these issues with a seasoned pro in organizing-Brenda Borenstein from Organized Zone.

Donna and Brenda explore effective organizing principles such as thinking vertically and sorting by category. They also address the mental health challenges associated with hoarding and the critical role of legal counsel in ensuring compliance with governing documents. Brenda shares her insights on identifying and sensitively addressing hoarding issues that disrupt community life, from crammed units to stuffed garages and storage units all of which can create severe health and safety risks for the homeowner and neighboring units/homes as well. Brenda provides a strategic approach to tackle emotionally charged tasks, such as cleaning out a family member’s home after they pass away. Discover how tools like Google Lens can help identify valuable items and learn about using auctions to offset cleanup costs.  They also address the sensitive topic of transitioning elderly parents to safer living environments and overcoming their resistance to change. Additionally, they tackle the challenges of downsizing and organizing living spaces when moving from larger homes to smaller, more manageable ones. They offer practical tips on selecting meaningful items to create a comfortable new environment while minimizing trauma for the client.

Tune in to learn how upping your organizational game can significantly reduce stress and enhance productivity.

Conversation highlights include:

  • The process of organization from start to finish
  • Hoarding vs. collecting or being disorganized
  • Common signs someone might be a hoarder
  • Tips for the association board or manager to approach residents suspected of hoarding
  • Successful strategies or interventions implemented in hoarding situations
  • Brenda’s philosophy on getting organized

BONUS: Find out how Brenda hosts regular dinners for 20 guests in her 850 sq. foot home!

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