“Key Considerations When Selling Your Business” – Financier Worldwide

“Key Considerations When Selling Your Business” – Financier Worldwide

Becker Shareholder Robert BrightonThe decision to sell your business is a landmark event, whether you are an entrepreneur, the owner of a family business or a business owned with partners. The skills used to build and operate a successful business, however, are different than those necessary to achieve a successful sale.

When considering a sale, what steps should you take to ensure that it is a success? One key consideration is to position the business to achieve its maximum value. However, this should not be the only consideration. Sometimes, obtaining the maximum gross sale price does not result in a successful sale. And, even if your goal is restricted to achieving the highest gross sale price, simply having impressive revenues and operating results is not the only, and sometimes not even the most important, gateway to this goal.

So, what are the key considerations to achieve a successful sale?

Robert C. Brighton Jr. explores the answer to this question in his latest Financier Worldwide feature. Please click here for full article.

Robert C. Brighton Jr. is a shareholder at Becker & Poliakoff and currently serves as the Co-Chairman of the Subcommittee on Florida Securities Laws (Corporations, Securities & Financial Services Committee of The Florida Bar’s Business Law Section). To learn more about Rob, please click here.