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“Pandemic-Proof Employee Wellness,” Corporate Wellness Magazine

“Pandemic-Proof Employee Wellness,” Corporate Wellness Magazine

Becker & PoliakoffHuman Resource departments have long wished for better participation in their wellness programs. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, there is an even greater need nowadays to keep employees’ mental and emotional health at the forefront. That is why many companies are turning to technology as a way to help their employees succeed in and out of the workplace.

Employment Law Shareholder Jaime Dokovna shares how Becker is offering value to their employees saying, “Right now, we are offering meditation and wellness webinars. It’s important to stay connected and engaged especially while we are socially distancing. We include our employees as part of the [decision-making] process. We have a wellness committee composed of employees, management, and HR. By incorporating employees in the process, we find they are more engaged. What we offer is based on interest and participation.”

Becker also holds wellness competitions, like walking and hydration challenges, in which “results are tracked, and awards are given.” All of these are great ways to keep employee morale up while also boosting health and wellbeing.

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