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“Does New Law SB 72 Protect Community Associations From COVID-19 Claims?,” Daily Business Review

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 72 into law on March 29. For some time, volunteer community association boards, their managers, and professional advisers have worried that private residential communities might be subject to potential claims related to how the board managed (or in some cases, mismanaged) the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past year, many […]

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“Lobbyist Gets Shareholder-Like Privileges as Florida Bar Reconsiders Law Firm Ownership,” Daily Business Review

By Dan Roe As the Florida Bar and other states consider non-attorney ownership of law firms, some law firms are coming up with creative approaches to give top privileges to professionals outside the attorney ranks. This month, Becker, a midsize Fort Lauderdale-based firm, announced that one of its lobbyists, Omar Franco, who has been a […]

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“Coronavirus No Excuse for Day-Late Rent by Business Facing Eviction, Appeals Court Rules,” Daily Business Review

By Lidia Dinkova A Deerfield Beach boat upholstery and cover business is still fighting eviction after an appellate court shot down its claim that the coronavirus pandemic played a role in a day-late rent payment. The Cove & Deerfield Beach LLC, controlled by New York’s Bruscas family, filed the commercial eviction lawsuit in January against […]

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“Community Association Boards Face Holiday Challenges During Pandemic,” Daily Business Review

Many community association boards continue to be resilient and cautious in the face of ongoing pressure from some residents to open all amenities, hold in person meetings, allow unfettered access to the property, and act as if the COVID-19 pandemic is over. This pressure has only increased since Gov. Ron DeSantis issued his Phase 3 […]

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“South Florida Law Firms Embrace Litigator’s Program to Increase Voter Turnout,” Daily Business Review

Finding time to participate in a General Election can be challenging – even in a year without pandemic-related concerns and restrictions – and the uncertainty of 2020 is tempting many voters to ‘sit this one out.’ Becker is strongly encouraging its employees to resist the urge to bail on the ballot by (1) gifting an […]

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“It Took a Pandemic and a Committee, but Broward Litigators Have Become More Polite,” Daily Business Review

By Michael A. Mora Broward litigators seem to have become … nicer… in recent months. That’s the good news from Chief Judge Jack Tuter, who has gone to great lengths to restore civility among litigators before the Broward Circuit Court. And interesting factor: The disruption resulting from the coronavirus pandemic might have helped with the […]

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“Best Mentors: Yolanda Cash Jackson Has Inverse Ratio for Talking, Listening,” Daily Business Review

Yolanda Cash Jackson Title: Shareholder Firm: Becker & Poliakoff Name a secret ingredient or two for effective mentoring? My two secret ingredients are compassion and empathy. A good mentor will never forget what is was to be in the shoes of a mentee, and a good mentor should always offer advice for the mentee as if they were […]

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“Court-Ordered Nonbinding Arbitration: A Way to Move Your Case Forward During COVID,” Daily Business Review

With the onslaught of COVID-19 in the State of Florida, civil trial attorneys find themselves in a dilemma as to how to move their cases forward. The ability to get a civil case set for a jury trial has been limited as a result of restrictions imposed by Executive Orders of the Governor and Administrative […]

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Yolanda Cash Jackson Honored as ‘Best Mentor’ in Daily Business Review’s 2020 Professional Excellence Awards

The Daily Business Review has recognized Government Law & Lobbying Shareholder Yolanda Cash Jackson as a ‘Best Mentor’ in its 2020 Professional Excellence Awards. The ‘Best Mentor’ awards are given to South Florida attorneys who have taken it upon themselves to prepare the next generation of legal talent by passing along valuable knowledge and paving […]

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“The Novel Coronavirus’ Impact on Government Contractors,” Daily Business Review

Government contractors are a significant sector of the economy grappling with the devastating impact of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. As state and local governments scale back a myriad of services, some by mandated government orders and others by the force of circumstances, contractors are and will continue to be significantly impacted. In the balance are […]

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