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SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Horan, Community Association Law

SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Horan, Community Association Law

Becker Shareholder Jennifer HoranIn celebration of Women’s History Month, Becker showcases the inspiration, philosophies, and expertise of the women attorneys and lobbyists who help elevate our firm and client service.

Jennifer Horan concentrates her legal practice on the law of community associations, primarily representing condominium, cooperative, mobile home and homeowners’ associations. She has particular litigation experience in covenant enforcement and foreclosure law. Prior to joining the Firm, Jennifer was an elementary special education teacher and served as the head of elementary special education in a Dallas, TX school. Now, she is one of only 190 attorneys statewide named a Florida Bar Board Certified Specialist in Condominium and Planned Development Law.

What woman inspires you and why?

There are so many people/women that inspire me. My mother inspires me (not just because I want to frame this and give it to her for Mother’s Day – although she is very difficult to buy for). She inspires me because she has mastered the ability to be completely true to herself without letting what others think “guilt” her into changing who she is. She also has an amazing ability to see the good in every day life (or, in other words, she refuses to let the “bad” bring her down).

During the pandemic, I have also been particularly inspired by all of the working women out there that find themselves in the daily struggle that comes with being a productive part of the workforce while also being a mother, a teacher, a nurturer, a worrier, planner, organizer….

If you could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

My “serious” response to this question is Ronald Reagan. He has been my favorite President since I can remember. When he was shot, I was so concerned about him that I send him a homemade get well card that I made everyone in my second grade class sign. When I received a thank you card from the White House “signed” by President Reagan with a small bag of Jelly Bellies included, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

If the dinner is a more fun and frivolous event, I would invite Dan Levy (aka David Rose from Schitt’s Creek). If you have not binged watched his show, I highly recommend it. It provided me with hours of comic relief throughout the otherwise stressful pandemic. I am a big believer in laughter being the best medicine.

What advice (professional or personal) would you give your younger self?

Know your worth. Believe in yourself. One of my favorite sayings is: “She believed she could, so she did.” I have the quote framed in my room and also stamped on a bracelet that I wear to remind myself to believe in myself every day. After all, if you cannot believe in yourself, how can you get others to believe in you…

What led you to the practice of law and/or to your specific area of law?

I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer (even before I developed my fascination with Ronald Reagan). I have always been an avid reader who loves to write and the legal profession allows me to utilize these skills on a daily basis. I also consider myself a “people person” and my role as a community association attorney gives me an opportunity to interact with clients on a daily basis. Ironically, my prior background as a teacher has given me a somewhat unique perspective when it comes to diffusing disputes that can arise when living in a community association

What has living through a global pandemic taught you?

Living through the pandemic has taught me to roll with the punches. So many of us have been forced to work in different environments (i.e. from home) without our “work families,” and at least in my case, with my own family also virtual-schooling from home. I wish I could say that it has taught me patience (it hasn’t) but it has taught me to appreciate the time I have with my sons and my family.

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