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A Discussion on Successful Real Estate Design in the Luxury Space with TRUMP!

A Discussion on Successful Real Estate Design in the Luxury Space with TRUMP!

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Donna DiMaggio Berger sits down with guest, Jules Trump, a South-African born businessman and one-third of The Trump Group. His wife of 50 years, Stephanie, and his younger brother and business partner, Eddie, comprise the other two-thirds of the team. Also known as “the Other Trumps,” they have amassed a truly impressive empire consisting of luxury real estate developments and hotels in Florida and California and technology start-ups in Tel Aviv.

Jules was profiled in a 2021 Forbes Magazine article by Peter Lane Taylor entitled, “Meet America’s Most Under-The-Radar Real Estate Developers Who Just Built The Finest Residences In The World,” which timed nicely with his latest luxury project, Estates at Acqualina. Near completion, Donna recently toured the $60 million dollar, four-story, 45,000 square foot building amenity palace known as the “Circus Maximus.” This property includes a bowling alley, Formula One race car simulator, golf simulator, surfing pool, movie theater, indoor ice-skating rink, 13,000 SF fitness center with a boxing ring, three outdoor gyms, a live Wall Street trading room, soccer, basketball, and bocce courts, a two-story private nightclub, and an award-winning Greek restaurant, Avra.

Join Donna and Jules as they reminisce on the early days of Williams Island, discuss the present building trends, and look toward the future of what may come.

Conversation highlights include:

  • How Sophia Loren became a brand ambassador for Williams Island.
  • Details about working with Karl Lagerfeld.
  • The most important appealing item for most purchasers of luxury real estate.
  • Florida luxury real estate competition.
  • Working with third-party architects and designers vs. an in-house team when designing a new community.
  • How much does the local Design Review Board change developers’ initial designs?
  • Is the development of more affordable housing in the Trump future?
  • Is design taking a backseat to necessity and affordability?
  • Emerging development trends – are people going smaller or simpler?
  • The Trump Group’s standard operating procedures for developments.
  • How did the Champlain Towers tragedy impact development on Florida’s coastline?
  • What’s next for The Trump Group?

BONUS: What does “the Donald” think about the Trump Group?

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