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A Novel Approach: Coaching for Community Association Boards with Carmelo Millimaci, Senior Coach, Ackert Inc.

A Novel Approach: Coaching for Community Association Boards with Carmelo Millimaci, Senior Coach, Ackert Inc.

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Could volunteer board members do their jobs more effectively and less stressfully with the solid communication skills a professional coach can impart? In this episode of Take It To The Board, host Donna DiMaggio Berger speaks with Carmelo Millimaci, Professional Certified Coach. He is a member of the International Coaching Federation and a Senior Coach of Ackert Inc., a leader in development coaching. He also founded Attune Coaching and Consulting. They discuss how community association board members could use their professional skills in their volunteer roles, and how a little coaching could go a long way. (The links mentioned in the podcast can be found in the Helpful Links section below.)

Highlights Include:

  • What constitutes coaching?
  • What does it mean to take a coaching approach when trying to resolve conflicts?
  • What is the professional definition of coaching?
  • What are the core coaching competencies?
  • When dealing with a resident violating the rules, how can a board or manager defuse the situation and reach a resolution with that person?
  • How can a history of conflict between two parties create challenges for the coaching process?
  • What is an “inquisitive mindset” and how can that help address conflicts?
  • How can directors with very different views on the community, enforcement, and other issues learn to trust each other?
  • Is it possible to coach the personality type that can’t really accept consequences?
  • How important is it to stress diversity on a board? What does diversity contribute?
  • What questions should new board members ask about their roles and their obligations?
  • Should community associations craft mission statements or vision statements?
  • What are the three levels of listening?
  • How can board members undertake effective planning and goal-setting?
  • How should boards choose the best “mouthpiece” to communicate with residents, vendors, etc.?
  • How can board members and managers conduct interviews with new purchasers and tenants to set the right tone?

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