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Assessing Collections with Joy Mattingly, Becker & Poliakoff

Assessing Collections with Joy Mattingly, Becker & Poliakoff

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In this episode of Take It To The Board, host Donna DiMaggio Berger speaks with Becker Shareholder Joy Mattingly, who oversees Becker’s collection and foreclosure practice. Joy is an experienced litigator who represents all types of associations in collecting the delinquent assessments needed to fund the community’s essential services. She’s a graduate of University of Florida’s Levin School of Law and clerked for Judge Mark E. Polen at Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals.

Donna and Joy discuss the mechanics of a successful foreclosure practice, what boards need to know about “creative” debt collection companies, and how collection attorneys cope with such a demanding practice area.

Topics covered include: 

  • How to handle the elderly who have “aged-in” to their home and may not be able to pay rising fees.
  • The importance of establishing collection team roles and managing stress.
  • Typical steps and claims an owner may take in fighting a foreclosure.
  • The likelihood of getting a case resolved before foreclosure.
  • The timeline and steps to finalize an uncontested foreclosure.
  • The role that bankruptcy might play.
  • What a “strategic default” is and how you should deal with it.
  • The role of repayment plans.
  • What associations need to know about collection agencies and “creative” debt collection companies.
  • The biggest mistake association boards make when it comes to collecting delinquent assessments.

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