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Mitigating Reputational Risk with Laura Guitar, President of Reputation & Risk Advisors

Mitigating Reputational Risk with Laura Guitar, President of Reputation & Risk Advisors

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Condo and HOA battles make the news fairly frequently and when they do, volunteer board members, managers and residents need a crash course on how to interact with the media on a moment’s notice. Laura Guitar, President of marketing communications firm, Reputation & Risk Advisors, a division of RBB Communications, joins host Donna DiMaggio Berger to discuss the ways her team focuses on crisis preparedness planning, issue-oriented campaigns, litigation communications, and programs to mitigate reputational risk whenever a community, person or other entity finds themselves in the media’s crosshairs!

Conversation highlights include:

  • Learn the steps a person should take when a member of the media first reaches out for comment on a story.
  • How can someone avoid being misquoted?
  • Are members of the media bound by any specific code of ethics?
  • Does refusing to comment on a story have a negative connotation?
  • Do negative stories regarding a particular community lower the property values in that community?
  • What exactly should the role of media be when telling human interest stories?
  • How often does the media rush to judgment and then fail to provide follow-up on important stories?
  • How affordable is crisis management for the average community association?

Bonus: Laura discusses the continuing trend of diminished trust in the media and what members of the media do to restore that trust.

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