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Navigating the Negative Impacts of Sea Level Rise with Professor Harold R. Wanless and Dr. Esber Andiroglu

Navigating the Negative Impacts of Sea Level Rise with Professor Harold R. Wanless and Dr. Esber Andiroglu

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Professor Harold “Hal” R. Wanless, Chair of the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Miami and Dr. Esber Andiroglu, Associate Professor of Practice in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering with a secondary appointment at the School of Architecture at the University of Miami, sit down with host Donna DiMaggio Berger to discuss the devastating impacts of sea-level rise. This episode is especially timely given flood waters that recently turned parts of Broward and Sunrise Boulevards in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, into an unfathomable makeshift marina causing damage to property and infrastructure, disrupting transportation, and posing a threat to public safety. While the torrential downpour has wreaked havoc on the city, we hope it will prompt a greater sense of urgency to address the effects of climate change and invest in sustainable infrastructure to prevent such disasters from occurring in the future. Join us as we talk about how coastal communities are currently repairing and upgrading their seawalls to comply with local ordinances, and the challenges they face in levying large special assessments to fund these projects.

Professor Wanless co-authored an article that begins, “It’s been happening so slowly that most of us are missing what may become the most awesome display of the century. Sea-level is rising.” What might surprise you is that he wrote that article in 1981. He has been writing and talking about climate change and sea-level rise for more than three decades and has been at the forefront of studying the impact of climate change on sea level rise and its effects on low-lying coastal areas. He has been particularly vocal about the vulnerability of South Florida to rising sea-levels and has warned that large portions of the region may become uninhabitable by the end of this century if the issue is not addressed. In addition to being an advocate on climate change, in 2011 Professor Wanless founded the Advanced Climate Leadership Training Series: Empowering Capable Climate Communicators. The event has been held annually ever since.

Dr. Andiroglu is a registered Professional Engineer and a LEED AP accredited educator with an academic focus on building environmental systems, water resources, and sustainability areas. His research area of interest is aimed at development of engineered solutions related to smart water-energy infrastructures in response to climate change challenges in urban community settings. He is currently engaged in a U-Link research project which focuses on the development of the next generation of coastal structures in response to climate change.

Conversation highlights include:

  • The latest projections for sea level rise in Florida, other parts of the US, and globally.
  • Which forecasting models are the most reliable.
  • How climate change and the resulting sea level rise are impacting property values, insurability, and quality of life.
  • The history of seawall construction, current standards and where the technology is headed.
  • How to discuss and combat sea level rise with your members, your elected representatives, and your professional advisors.
  • How to implement possible solutions.

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