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Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction Particularly When It Comes to the Community Association Lifestyle? with Marvin Nodiff, Former Community Association Attorney and Author

Is Truth Stranger Than Fiction Particularly When It Comes to the Community Association Lifestyle? with Marvin Nodiff, Former Community Association Attorney and Author

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Join us this week as host Donna DiMaggio Berger sits down for a fascinating conversation with Marvin Nodiff, a retired community association attorney and prolific fiction writer. Together, they dive into the world of Marvin’s eight novels based on the trials and tribulations of a dynamic young St. Louis community association attorney named Joshua Fyler and the cast of condominium and HOA characters surrounding him. The plots of Marvin’s novels will certainly resonate with boards, managers, condo and HOA residents as well as community association attorneys everywhere. Marvin and Donna discuss the various societal challenges he tackles in his novels including cybercrime, judicial corruption, surveillance drones, gun violence, populism, the pandemic and artificial intelligence.  From generational gaps inside communities to drones, media and politics, the discussion with Marvin covers a wide range of topics related to community associations. Our host and guest explore legal issues associated with HOAs in different states, the importance of outside professionals for guidance, and the potential implications of artificial intelligence on association operations.

This episode aks you to consider if understanding and compassion might help resolve disputes and assist volunteer directors better navigate the complexities of community association leadership.  What does the future hold for community associations and the legal profession? Tune in to this episode and find out!

Conversation highlights include: 

  • How to handle generational gaps in communities.
  • How successful mediations can prevent full-blown litigation.
  • How to close the knowledge gap to get helpful, not harmful legislation.
  • How AI can improve association operations
  • When should a community association pay a special assessment or just foreclose?
  • The role of drones in community associations
  • How trusting should volunteer directors be when it comes to the media?
  • How much legislative influence do developers have?
  • The importance of board members and owners being familiar with their governing documents
  • Just how far might the preemption trend go?

BONUS: Find out how the various “quirky” names Marvin sprinkled throughout the Pinball Lawyer came to be and why

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