The Community Association COVID-19 Webinar Series

Becker’s Community Association webinar series provides board members and property managers with in-depth tools and information as they continue to navigate the ongoing pandemic in their communities. From re-opening facilities to what authority boards have, Becker community association shareholders from across the state of Florida weigh in.

This series is led by Community Association Practice Group Chair Kenneth Direktor with panelists including Rosa de la Camara, Donna DiMaggio Berger, Jay Roberts, and David Muller.

Kenneth Direktor
Shareholder, Becker

Donna DiMaggio Berger
Shareholder, Becker

Rosa M. de la Camara
Shareholder, Becker

Jay Roberts
Shareholder, Becker

David Muller
Shareholder, Becker


The fluid nature of the pandemic, mixed with oftentimes inconsistent guidelines from all levels of government, has led to understandable confusion. Becker Community Association Shareholders explore the continuing state of emergency powers throughout Florida, best practices to follow when reopening facilities, how to handle allowing access to outside guests and contractors, and other timely topics.
Aired 6/9/2020
The COVID-19 virus has substantially impacted all types of community associations throughout Florida. From closing amenities, to limiting access by non-residents, taking in travelers from other parts of the country, including those deemed “hot spots”, and reacting to the endless flow of emergency and executive orders from the state, counties, and municipalities, associations across Florida have struggled to adapt to this highly fluid situation. Join us for an in-depth panel discussion on how we think the landscape will evolve in the coming weeks.
Aired 5/6/2020

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