About Us

We listen. We care.

We step into your shoes — so we can show you the right way to step ahead.

Our Story

From the moment we opened our doors, Becker has been fearlessly pushing the edge of what’s possible for our clients. We’ve carefully cultivated our practices and our people to give you the very best: our formidable expertise, our strategically creative thinking, and our undivided attention. We are your champion, keenly focused on understanding your situation, solving your challenges, achieving your goals. We step into your shoes — so we can show you the right way to step ahead.

Founded in 1973, our attorneys have always been pioneers, boldly breaking new ground and taking unconventional approaches to tough legal challenges. Today our attorneys have tremendous expertise and depth of strength in our core practice areas.

At the heart of everything we say and do is our relentless commitment to serving our clients in the best way possible.

Becker. Fearlessly moving you forward.

Management Committee

The Firm’s Management Committee sets the strategic direction and oversees the management and operation of the firm along with professional staff.  Management also sets the tone for the firm’s culture of collaboration and innovation which places a premium on training and career growth for our younger attorneys and quality of life balance for all employees.