Community Update – April 2022

Community Update – April 2022

In this edition of the Community Update, we address transparency in condominium and homeowners’ associations’, issues associated with alcohol consumption on association property, what associations can and cannot do about solar panels, and even how the Constitution applies to private community associations.

Many condominium and homeowners’ associations’ activities are required to have a certain amount of transparency. Joseph Arena discusses in this month’s featured article, “Statutory Meeting Requirements.”

There are several questions for an association to ask to understand its obligations, its restrictions, and potential liability related to alcohol consumption on association property. Find out more in, “The ABC’s – Alcohol Sales, BYOB, and Related Considerations.”

If you are living in an HOA, you probably have heard that the association cannot prohibit the installation of solar panels. Learn more about this topic in, “Can Anything Be Done About Solar Panels?”

Lastly, The extent to which the Constitution applies to private community associations is at the heart of “THIS CASE: Quail Creek Property Owners Association, Inc. v. Hunter.”

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