Community Update – February 2022

Community Update – February 2022

Becker’s Take it to the Board with Donna DiMaggio Berger podcast features a variety of guests including our very own attorneys from across the firm’s practice areas and offices. Check out this month’s “Did You Know” section for more information and to tune in to these insightful episodes that delve into everything from handling construction issues to hiring best practices, enforcing rules in your community, and more.

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As a result of Florida’s new code enforcement law, alleged violations can no longer be filed anonymously – complainants must provide their name and address before an investigation is initiated. Read more in our featured article, “Honey Those Neighbors Are at It Again! Call Code Enforcement!”

Before your association undertakes changing or entering into a bulk agreement, make sure to check out “Bulk Telecommunications Contracts.”

The attorney-client privilege is one of the oldest and most respected privileges in the law. Learn more in, “Attorney-Client Privilege: Are Litigation-Related Communications Between an Association, Attorney, and Management Protected?”

The independent covenant to timely pay assessments is at the heart of, “THIS CASE: Ocean Trail Unit Owners Association, Inc. v. Mead.” Find out why this case matters.