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Community Update – January 2020

Community Update – January 2020

Becker & PoliakoffThe start of the new year means election season for community associations across the state. To help alleviate some of the burden board’s may be feeling this time of year, we focus this month on answering some of the frequently asked questions we receive from communities about election dos and don’ts.

Is a voting certificate required if a unit or parcel is owned by more than one person, a corporation, or another entity? Find out in our featured article, “Is a Voting Certificate Required If a Unit Is Owned by an LLC?”

Make sure your association follows proper procedure and doesn’t accidentally void an election. Learn more in, “Election Process – Part 1 of 2.”

Does an unpaid fine make an owner ineligible for board election? Find out in, “Can a Delinquent Owner Run for the Board?”

HOA members don’t always have the benefit of knowing candidates’ names prior to an election. Find out what can be done in, “Who Are the Candidates?”

Our last article, “Restricting Holiday Decorations in the HOA Setting,” discusses how associations can begin planning now to help prevent resident complaints from getting out of hand prior to this year’s holiday season.

Also, don’t miss this month’s Spanish Feature, Reuniones anuales y procedimientos electorales – SEGUNDA PARTE.”