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Lessons in Leadership – A Discussion with Becker’s Managing Partner, Gary Rosen

Lessons in Leadership – A Discussion with Becker’s Managing Partner, Gary Rosen

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Get set for an insightful exchange as host Donna DiMaggio Berger dives into the world of effective leadership with guest, Gary C. Rosen, Managing Shareholder and the commanding force behind Becker & Poliakoff. Donna and Gary discuss what leadership truly means, and the qualities one must possess to successfully influence and inspire others to work toward a common goal or vision.  Throughout their conversation, they look at Gary’s transition from a litigator to a top leadership role, while focusing on the differentiators that set Becker apart from other law firms.

Embracing change is never easy, it’s a tale as old as time.  Donna and Gary look at Becker’s transformative journey, including some resistance when Becker moved its headquarters, and how Gary faced the winds of change head-on. In this episode, they illuminate the valuable lessons that can be gleaned from these experiences, from leading a law firm during a global pandemic to cultivating positive changes within the community.

Fasten your seatbelts as they unravel the nuances of running a successful community association practice, emphasizing adaptability, teamwork, and staying abreast of changing laws. They also discuss the importance of understanding client expectations and the vital role of recreational activities in managing stress. Prepare yourself for an episode brimming with unforgettable insights and experiences!

Conversation highlights include:

  • The management structure at Becker and other large law firms
  • Gary’s transition from a very active litigator to a leadership role and what he wishes he had known back then that he knows now
  • Becker’s involvement in the county effort to assist and rehouse homeless individuals, particularly near the Broward County Library
  • Where Gary found guidance to manage the COVID pandemic and other crisis events
  • The essential tools to creating a legacy law firm like Becker
  • How a law firm should approach client service and satisfaction
  • How to stay updated on legal trends and changes in the industry


  • What Gary does to de-stress
  • Gary’s advice to his younger self
  • Whose leadership style has inspired Gary

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