What Lies Beneath the COVID-19 Financial Landscape? A Look at the Current Financial and Legal Issues Created by the Pandemic


The instability of the global financial markets has businesses in flux as they reassess their risk management approaches following the COVID-19 crisis. Join us May 28 as we take a look at the state of the financial environment from an economics standpoint with an eye toward what is forthcoming. We encourage leaders of small to mid-cap businesses, developers, private equity, and institutional and non-institutional lenders to attend this informative webinar.

Speakers will explore the issues and opportunities emerging across the financial sector in response to the pandemic, touching on questions such as:


  • As the economic downturn affects businesses, how are lenders protecting against those impacts infecting their operations?
  • How do maturity dates affect liquidity?
  • What steps are lenders taking to protect against reduced collections from expected nonperforming loans?


  • What information should businesses be collecting to disclose COVID-19 risks?
  • What are some of the risks known today?
  • What does GAAP versus non-GAAP financial reporting in today‚Äôs markets look like?


  • How are private equity firms assessing their portfolio companies in the COVID-19 age?
  • How quickly is private equity moving from assessing their current position versus identifying opportunities?
  • What should business expect for deal flow over the next few quarters and what affect will COVID-19 have on EBIDTA multiples?


May 28

3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST



Jon Polenberg, Moderator

Paul Shur, Panelist

Robert Brighton, Panelist

James Cassel, Panelist
Chairman & Co-Founder

Jonathan Fox, Panelist
H.I.G. Capital

Ricardo Garbati, Panelist
Senior VP, Private Client Group
City National Bank

Tony Howard, Panelist
Chief Credit Officer
Global Merchant Fund, Corp.

Rob Polenberg, Panelist
Principal/Managing Director
LevFin Insights

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