Yolanda Cash Jackson Appointed Chair of Beacon Council Board of Directors

Yolanda Cash Jackson Appointed Chair of Beacon Council Board of Directors

At the Beacon Council’s annual meeting on November 17th, Yolanda Cash Jackson will be announced as Chair of the Council’s Board of Directors. The Beacon Council is Miami’s official economic development partnership, which attracts and retains companies to help create investment opportunities, new jobs, and economic growth for Dade County.

Yolanda Cash Jackson, Esq., is an attorney and lobbyist with Becker and has established a strong reputation in the community for her leadership and commitment to civic, charitable, and professional organizations. She has been an active member in Beacon for a number of years, most recently serving as Chair-Elect and leading the Urban Initiatives Task Force. In the organization’s 37-years, this will be the first time that Beacon is led by a Black woman.

“It is an honor to be able to serve as Chair of The Beacon Council’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee,” said Yolanda Cash Jackson, “Miami-Dade is a diverse, dynamic community at an important inflection point in its history. I am committed to the Council’s mission and am dedicated to advocating for Miami-Dade as a global business and innovation hub.”

“Becker is proud of all that Yolanda has accomplished for the community and honored to support her in this leadership role,” said Managing Partner, Gary Rosen, “We congratulate Yolanda on her appointment and her dedication to the economic and inclusive development of Miami-Dade. We are confident she will succeed in her mission to bring prosperity and growth to all.”

For more information about Yolanda Cash-Jackson and the Beacon Council, see the official press release.

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