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Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of December 20, 2021

Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of December 20, 2021

The Build Back Better Act

Yesterday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) delivered a fatal blow to the Build Back Better Act (BBB) when he announced he will not vote for it, shocking the White House which was in ongoing negotiations with him.

The Act is a budgetary reconciliation bill encompassing many of President Biden’s and Democrats’ domestic agenda which requires all 50 Democratic Senators’ support to pass. There is no reason to believe Sen. Manchin is hedging his bets.

Democrats will likely break up BBB to individually pass its most popular components, including:

  • The Child Tax Credit (the White House said it opposed a standalone tax credit bill, albeit prior to Sen. Manchin’s surprise statement)
  • Universal Pre-K (a program partially implemented in West Virginia while Sen. Manchin was its Governor)
  • Clean energy legislation, including the clean energy tax credit
  • Prescription drug price negotiations
  • Climate and agriculture programs
  • Privacy law enforcement, including a $1 billion increase in antitrust enforcement funding
  • Rural development

Though Democrats wanted to include immigration in BBB, the Senate Parliamentarian thrice ruled that immigration reform could not be included in the budgetary measure.

Action will be taken on the Act in the New Year as the House and Senate have adjourned for the Holidays, falling short of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) prediction that BBB could pass by Christmas.

Becker’s Federal Lobbying Team will continue to monitor these developments as they evolve and will share with you as soon as information becomes available.