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Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of September 11, 2023

Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of September 11, 2023

Congress Back in Session

Washington, D.C. is back in full swing with the House returning from its month-long August recess. Both Chambers return to a packed agenda, including floor votes for various appropriations bills ahead of the September 30th deadline to avoid a government shutdown.

The House will also vote on legislation dealing with sanctions against Iran and protections for gas-powered vehicles. In the Senate, lawmakers will vote on a Biden Administration Veterans Affairs nominee.

In addition to votes, Members will also attend several committee hearings this week including the following:

  • The House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee will discuss the future of automated commercial motor vehicles
  • The Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee will hold an oversight hearing of the SEC
  • The House Energy & Commerce Committee will discuss the state of the video marketplace

The Senate Environment & Public Works Committee will discuss the effects of extreme heat on transportation

The Administration

President Biden will return to D.C. from Hanoi, Vietnam, but will first stop in Anchorage, Alaska to deliver remarks commemorating the 22nd anniversary of 9/11.

This comes as the Biden Administration works to avoid a strike this week between the UAW and the major automakers that is forecasted to reduce the United State’s GDP by nearly $6 billion.