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Community Update – August 2022

Community Update – August 2022

This month’s edition of CUP is packed with insightful information. In addition to our featured articles, be sure to check out new episodes of the Take it to the Board Podcast including conversations with community association professional coach, Carmelo Millimaci, and Broward County Property Appraiser, Marty Kiar. Also, find out why it’s important to do your due diligence when hiring an attorney in this month’s Did You Know feature: “Why Hiring a Board-Certified Lawyer Makes Sense.”

Community associations are not healthcare or mental health providers, which can make it difficult to address situations where a resident may need extra care. Instead, associations must rely on help from family, friends, and governmental entities. Robyn Severs discusses what steps associations should take in this month’s featured article, “An Association’s Response to Those Persons Who May Need Some Additional Care in Living.”

Florida law has created a non-delegable duty for associations to maintain the “common elements,” which means boards are often tasked with the perpetual job of procuring and overseeing complex repair and renovation projects. Unfortunately, not every construction project goes as planned and when a defect is discovered, there is a delicate framework that should be followed. Learn more in, “Correcting User Error – How to Handle Construction Defects.”

“Do Robert’s Rules of Order Apply to Community Association Meetings?”
 Yeline Goin discusses when and if associations need to follow Robert’s Rules parliamentary procedures during board and owner meetings.

Is short-term residential rental of a home equivalent to commercial or business activity? This question is at the heart of THIS CASE. Find out more in “THIS CASE: Santa Monica Beach Property Owners Association, Inc. v. Acord.”