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Community Update – February 2021

Community Update – February 2021

Spring is just around the corner and sprucing up is often top of mind. Whether that means improving yards, documents, or relationships, this edition of Becker’s Community Update offers practical guidance on how to move forward. Check out the hot topics below, and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook to get real time updates on these issues and more!

While Mother Nature may be hard to harness, community associations are often tasked with doing just that to protect both residents and property. In Responsibility for Tree Branches and Roots Elizabeth Lanham-Patrie explores how the law decides who needs to tackle this chore.

In the second part of our two part series Amending Governing Documents, Jay Roberts outlines best practices for getting proposed changes approved by membership.

Maritrini Soto Garcia discusses presidential power in Does a Community Association Board President Have Executive Action Authority or Unilateral Powers?, and reminds everyone that the work of a community association is, ultimately, a group effort.

Assessments are not the most popular feature of a community association, but they are a vital resource in maintaining the amenities and ambiance to which the community has grown accustomed. In THIS CASE: Abbey Park Homeowners Association, Inc. v. Bowen, Rob Caves reviews how the Florida court decided the seminal case regarding an owner’s right to withhold payment of an assessment.

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