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Community Update – March 2022

Community Update – March 2022

Florida’s 60-day legislative session recently concluded without passing any major community association legislation. Find out what happened in this month’s “Did You Know” feature, and for a deeper dive on the topic, tune in to the most recent episode of Becker podcast, “Take it to the Board with Donna DiMaggio Berger.”

Construction projects, like life, are full of surprises, but unlike life, there are some things you can do to eliminate or minimize the impacts of those surprises. It all starts with your construction contract. Read more in this month’s featured article, “Top Five Tips When Negotiating a Construction Contract.”

Associations are wise to understand what each of the main covenant enforcement defenses mean as they are frequently raised. Learn more in, “Three Common Covenant Enforcement Defenses – Waiver, Estoppel, and Selective Enforcement.”

If your community association receives notice about a public hearing to consider or approve a development proposal on adjacent land, does the association or its members have a right to object? Find out in, “Community Association Due Process Rights with Respect to Neighboring Developments.”

Limitations on the judicial interpretation of statutes is at the heart of , “THIS CASE: Bay Holdings, Inc. v. 2000 Island Boulevard Condominium Association, Inc.” Find out why this case is important.