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Webinar: 2022 Legislative Session Wrap Up

Webinar: 2022 Legislative Session Wrap Up

This program is not eligible for CEU credit or certificate of completion.

Following a legislative session that is best known for what did not happen, this webinar gleans a few measures that are worth noting, with some additional discussion about what might be coming up in special sessions.

Topics to be discussed:.

  • An amendment to the Marketable Record Title Act (MRTA).
  • How to properly display flags in communities. What does “respectful manner” really mean?
  • The trials and tribulations of tree removal.
  • Miya’s Law, which supports tenant safety by requiring landlords to perform criminal background checks for some employees.
  • What constitutes unlawful protest in front of a dwelling?
  • Exemptions to requirements about curbing excessive water and fertilization use for golf course irrigation and emergency situations.
  • Measures that might phase out residential solar.
  • Mandated inspection reports. What are the responsibilities on the part of board members?
  • Changes in reserves and how they might be funded.
  • The importance of board members disclosing reserve studies.

Kenneth S. Direktor
Ft. Lauderdale

Yeline Goin

Steven H. Mezer