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Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of May 15, 2023

Becker’s Washington Weekly: Week of May 15, 2023


Both Chambers of Congress return to DC this week to take up usual business. First, the House is set to take up a number of bills under expedited procedures, including a bill adding requirements for court orders preventing electronic communications service providers from informing customers if the government searches its electronic database.

The House will also take up several law enforcement-related bills under standard procedures, including those that would establish a firearm buyback program for federal law enforcement officials, and would make assaulting a law enforcement officer as an undocumented person a deportable offense.

The Senate also returns to town with judicial nominations scheduled.

Committees set for the week ahead include the following:

  • The House Committee on Homeland Security will hold a joint subcommittee hearing on ways to support state and local law enforcement
  • The House Committee on Ways and Means will hold a hearing on transparency for patients in the healthcare sector
  • The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability will discuss the EPA’s new tailpipe emissions standard
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee and Homeland Security Committee will each hold hearings discussing the use of artificial intelligence

The Administration

President Biden returns to DC this week when he is set to meet once again with congressional leaders to negotiate raising the debt limit which is expected to be reached in June without congressional action.

Currently, the President is set to travel this week to the G7 and Quad summits, although he has stated previously that he would abstain if debt ceiling negotiations required his presence.