Community Update – December 2020

Community Update – December 2020

Since early on in the pandemic, boards and management professionals have shouldered the immense responsibility of ensuring the safety of their residents. Now, with the imminent rollout of the vaccine, they will face a whole new set of challenges which we delve into in this issue of CUP. For those who wish to discuss this topic in greater detail, we encourage you to reach out to your Becker attorney. As always, we are more than happy to offer our assistance to you.

Also featured this month is a collection of the year’s most popular articles. Read on for helpful information on everything from voting certificate requirements to preparing budgets, holiday decoration restrictions, and collection policies.


Is a voting certificate required if a unit or parcel is owned by more than one person, a corporation, or another entity? Find out in, “Is a Voting Certificate Required if a Unit is Owned by an LLC?”

Boards may be wondering how best to prepare a budget when it’s anticipated that members will vote to waive or partially fund reserves. Get the answer to your questions in, “Does My Association Include Fully Funded Reserves in Its Proposed Budget?”

Does your association have the power to put the kibosh on neighbors’ over-the-top holiday displays? “Restricting Holiday Decorations in the HOA Setting,” examines this issue.

You’ve tried to collect payment from a delinquent owner and there’s been no movement on their end to settle the balance. What should you do? Find out in, “How Does Your Collection Policy Stack Up?”