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“Must Owners Approve New Flooring in Clubhouse?” – Naples Daily News

Q: The new board at my condominium removed the carpet in the clubhouse and had luxury vinyl flooring installed in its place. Weren’t they required to get owner approval before making this type of change? D.M. A: Maybe. Replacing carpet with vinyl flooring in the clubhouse will be considered a material alteration. The Florida Condominium Act […]

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“Director Compensation: Do I Get Paid for This?” – Naples Daily News

Q:  I am considering running for the board of my condominium association. However, there is a lot of work involved in being on the Board. It can be a thankless position, which discourages many owners from volunteering. Can we compensate the members of the board as a way to encourage people to serve? (T.B. via […]

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“Will Mistake Require A New Election?” – Naples Daily News

Q:  I recently lost the election at my condominium by a few votes.  Although my name was on the ballot, my resume was not included with the ballot mailout.  Doesn’t this require the association to have another election? T.V. A:      If you timely submitted your candidate information sheet, and you can provide that you did, […]

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“Are Fines for Speeding Legal?,” Naples Daily News

Q: My community has set up various speed monitoring devices along the most travelled road. The board is now fining residents for speeding violations. Is this legal? What is the process for imposing a fine and can these fines result in a lien? D.V. A: Fines can be levied for violations of the governing documents, […]

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“Changing Tile a Material Alteration?” Naples Daily News

Q: My condominium is thinking about changing the floors in the entrance area and lobbies from ceramic tile to granite tile. Would changing the flooring tiles be considered a material alteration requiring approval of the members? W.D. A: Under Florida law, a change to the common elements is considered a material alteration or addition, if […]

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“Do Owner Petitions Require the Board to Act?” Naples Daily News

Q: My condominium is being overrun by commercial vehicles. I am trying to convince my board and fellow owners to change the documents to outlaw them. I got 15 percent of the owners to sign a petition to ban commercial vehicles. I gave the petition to the board but they won’t do anything. Aren’t they […]

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“Official Records Inspections by a Renter?,” Naples Daily News

Q: I manage a high-rise condominium. I recently received a request from a renter to inspect certain association’s official records, including all the condominium documents. Am I required to provide this renter with access to all the requested official records? J.H. A: The answer to your question changed recently due to the adoption of new […]

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“Director Term Limit Law Development,” Naples Daily News

Q:     Have there been any developments regarding the term limit law for condominium directors?  In prior columns you mentioned that there was some confusion as to when it will impact existing director terms. H.H. A:     Yes, there is a recent development regarding this issue.  Condominium association term limits were first added to the statutes […]

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“Community Association Q&A: Can An HOA Director Be Recalled?,” Naples Daily News

Q: One of the directors on the board at my homeowners’ association needs to be removed. He is very belligerent to his fellow directors and other owners. He also rarely attends meetings and never contributes. What needs to happen under Florida law to get him off the board? C.S. A: Section 720.303(10) of the Florida […]

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