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Community Update – May 2022

Community Update – May 2022

Hurricane season is here. Time to get ready, and then stay ready. Also check out the Question of the Month to see what impact COVID and Zoom calls have had on board meetings, our deep dive into how the Real Housewives handle their taxes, and a tidy summary of how Florida’s 2022 legislative session will affect Community Associations.

The big news this month is the adoption of Bill SB 4D, the new law addressing building safety. We expect this topic to remain center stage for quite some time and will continue to frequently cover it in future issues of our Community Update Newsletter. Read the first of our special reports on this topic here.

Hurricane watches, hurricane warnings, and storm surges. Are you prepared? Jennifer Biletnikoff goes into detail about what you might need in “The Worst Storm Is the Storm You Didn’t Prepare For.”

There are a number of issues to consider before installing video cameras for your community. Robyn Severs discusses in, “Best Practices for the Use of Video Cameras.”

Managing a community association can be a minefield, especially when it comes to issues like violations, amendments, and contracts. Robyn Severs offers up her “Top 10 Manager Dos And Don’ts” to guide you through.

Lastly, language used in covenants is at the heart of “THIS CASE. Heath v. Bear Island Homeowners Association, Inc.” from Jay Roberts.

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