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Community Update – September 2021

Community Update – September 2021

It may not quite feel like it yet in Florida, but Fall is officially here. This of course means busy season has arrived for many associations as residents head south for the winter months. Check out this month’s issue for several informative articles to help set your board up for success. Also, be sure to tune in to all new episodes of Becker podcast, Take It To the Board, and don’t miss this month’s “Did You Know?,” section to learn more about the firm’s newly launched Sea Level Rise Advisory Team.

Interested in saving time and money? We thought so! If your association is in search of a bank loan, look no further. Our featured article, “Borrowing Money,” highlights several common pitfalls to avoid.

Absentee Owners and Unoccupied Condominium Units,” discusses how associations can address issues that sometimes crop up because owners only live in their units for part of the year.

While condominiums and HOAs both fall into the category of a community association – they are not in fact the same. “Homeowner Association Confusion & Frequently Asked Questions,” discusses the differences between the two.

A lot of care and thought should go into any rule changes that an association wishes to make. Find out why this is so important in this month’s, “THIS CASE.”