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Community Update – October 2021

Community Update – October 2021

In addition to this month’s featured articles, don’t miss all new episodes of our podcast, “Take it to the Board.” In the most recent episode, host Donna DiMaggio Berger is joined by Becker Employment Law Shareholder Jamie Dokovna for an informative discussion on best practices to create and protect a safe work environment. Learn what Jamie thinks is the number one employment mistake community associations make – and how easy it is to avoid it! Also in this issue, Jamie along with Becker Employment Law Shareholder, Ned Bassen, discuss SB 1532, which went into effect October 1, and details new requirements for employers (including community associations) with less than 250 employees.

If your community receives notice about a public hearing to consider or approve a development proposal on adjacent land, does the association or its members have a right to object? Find out in this month’s featured article, “Community Association Due Process Rights with Respect to Neighboring Developments.”

As of July 1, 2021, associations are required to send delinquent owners a Notice of Late Assessments prior to turning the account over to collections. Learn best practices for sending this letter in, “A Guide to Sending the New Notice of Late Assessment.”

Although Florida’s Sunshine Laws don’t apply to community associations, the Condominium Act has its own set of “sunshine” requirements to be aware of. Karyan San Martano breaks down what the statute says in, “‘Sunshine Laws’ for Condominium Associations.”

The ability, and limitations, on transferring limited common elements is at the heart of “THIS CASE (Brown v. Rice).” Learn how this case helped clarify law and what condominiums still need to be mindful of.