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Community Update – March 2024

March marks the beginning of Spring and with a new season comes new opportunities. This issue of CUP will help your community association navigate elections and voting, insurance claims, and enforcement fines. Also featured this month are a few of the bills sent to the Governor for action following the 2024 Legislative Session. Don’t miss […]

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Can Emotional Support Animals Be Prohibited in the Pool Area?

The issue of emotional support animals in pet-restricted communities is never-ending. Their presence seems to have multiplied by the influx of individuals relocating to Florida. What was considered a “family pet” in the State of origin, suddenly became an emotional support animal in pet-restricted Florida communities. Understandably, individuals with family pets, now being represented as […]

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Community Update – August 2023

Hurricane Idalia is reported to be the worst hurricane to make landfall in Florida’s Big Bend in 100 years. Our hearts are with everyone affected and we are always here to help. Our website contains a significant amount of educational information for your community. Should your property incur damage, the firm’s affiliated public adjusting company, Association […]

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Housing For Older Persons

In 1968 the Federal Fair Housing Act (also known as Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act) was enacted to prohibit discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Subsequently, in 1988 the Act was amended to add discrimination based on disability and family status and in 1995 the Housing for Older Persons […]

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Community Update – March 2023

This month, we shine a spotlight on potential issues for community associations. From developer turnover to litigation to new laws regarding emotional support animals, we provide practical guidance to help steer you and your community in the right direction. Holding political events are afforded a limited degree of protection under the Florida Condominium Act. Marty […]

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Does Your Association Allow You to Use the Clubhouse for Political Events?

Florida Statutes allow the Condominium unit owners to use the common elements for the purposes for which the common elements were intended as long as their “use does not hinder or encroach upon the lawful rights of other unit owners.” The statute also permits the Board of Directors to create and adopt reasonable rules pertaining […]

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“Management of Community Amenities, Landscaping, and Pests” – FCAP Managers Report

Have you ever asked yourself, why would anyone want to live in a community that could restrict your every move? The answer may surprise you:  a change in lifestyle. What exactly draws individuals to homeowners and condominium communities? The various amenities and an impressive, well-manicured landscape, the likes only seen at five-star hotels. However, that new […]

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COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Presents New Challenges for Boards and Their Management Professionals

The unprecedented challenges of this year have been difficult for us all. These challenges are magnified for volunteer board members having to make hard decisions which impact not only themselves, but their family, friends, and neighbors. As we turn to a new year, exciting news of advancements and wider distribution of COVID-19 vaccines appear on […]

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Community Update – May 2020

We all know the old adage, “April showers bring May Flowers,” and while springtime is in full swing, it looks as though we may also be slowly emerging from the COVID-19 fog with businesses beginning to cautiously reopen across the state. The month of May also means that we are gearing up for the start […]

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Community Update – February 2020

  This month, we shine a spotlight on some of the issues that boards contend with on a regular basis. From election procedures to collection policies and data breach prevention, we provide practical guidance to help steer you and your community in the right direction. Our first article, “Election Process – Part 2 of 2,” […]

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Community Update – January 2020

The start of the new year means election season for community associations across the state. To help alleviate some of the burden board’s may be feeling this time of year, we focus this month on answering some of the frequently asked questions we receive from communities about election dos and don’ts. Is a voting certificate […]

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Community Update – December 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we look back at a selection of our most popular Community Update articles. Read on for a refresher on special assessments, juggling both your official association communications with your personal information, and speeding issues in your community. Also, we feature our top read article from our new Spanish feature […]

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Community Update – November 2019

As we prepare for the holidays and other year-end festivities, associations are also beginning to look ahead to the needs and demands of the coming year. This month’s edition explores some of the issues that associations may encounter from time to time and discusses best practices for putting your community’s best foot forward. If your […]

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Community Update – September 2019

As technology moves forward, community associations are becoming more and more self-sufficient. This is, at its core, a great thing. Associations can run their own websites and their own social media, among other activities. It’s important, however, that with this new freedom board members also remain informed on best practices. This month’s spotlight article, “Attorneys […]

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Community Update – August 2019

Community Associations must learn to effectively communicate amongst themselves. Over time, more and more messages have become electronic, social media has become a popular platform for communication, and the lines between personal/professional messages have become increasingly blurred. It’s now more important than ever to understand the rules and regulations regarding these distinctions. Our featured article, […]

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Mi Voto Cuenta.

Imagínese que usted acaba de comprar su primera casa en una comunidad de condominios e inmediatamente solicita en la oficina de la asociación una copia de la reunión prevista de la Directiva. Usted quiere asistir y participar – usted quiere que su voz se escuche. De inmediato descubre que la Directiva está votando para nuevas disposiciones de la asociac

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25 Becker Attorneys Board Certified in Condominium and Planned Development Law

  Becker’s Community Association practice group has been an industry leader since we opened our doors in 1973. Today, we’re proud to announce that we have the largest, dedicated team of Board Certified attorneys in Condominium and Planned Development Law in the state of Florida. Board certification demands rigorous testing and is in recognition of […]

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Eight Becker Attorneys Newly Board Certified in Condominium & Planned Development Law

June 3, 2019 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – We are pleased to announce that eight Becker attorneys are newly minted as Florida Bar Board Certified in Condominium & Planned Development Law. The specialty encompasses the practice of law that involves representing community associations and their members, property owners, sellers, purchasers, developers, lenders, governmental agencies, and […]

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Community Update – May 2019

Association board members are tasked with acting in the best interest of their communities while also upholding the parameters set forth in their association’s governing documents. These documents are the cornerstone of association operations and often dictate everything from member rule enforcement to protocol for removing a delinquent officer. This month’s featured article, “Premises Liability […]

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