Community Association

Hiring your own Public Adjuster – A Survey and Chance to WIN $100

This survey addressing your past experience with insurance claims and adjusters is the ultimate survey in our summer series for community association owners, board members, and management professionals. Your participation is fundamental to CALL's efforts to provide real data to your public policymakers when we discuss the impact legislation has on private communities across Florida. As we head into the most active part of hurricane season, this is the perfect time to have your voice heard on this topic.

Helpful or Harmful? Emotional Support Animals in Your Community

This survey regarding Emotional Support Animals helps us to gather opinions on a hot button issue for those who live in private residential communities. ESA certificates are currently able to be obtained without the supervision of a doctor, which often leaves neighbors and property managers frustrated. Bill 1128 would require Floridians with an ESA to be certified by an MD and have an emotional or physical ailment documented.

Surprise: Community Associations Entitled to Have Fire Hydrants Maintained by Water Purveyor

A great concern of any association board or manager is responding to a fire.  While not often the first thing on  a board member’s mind; once it happens, all focus turns to how the association can help to reduce risk. The occurrence of a fire is not a matter of if, but rather when. No association ever wants to see their residents at risk due to a life-altering event. But isn’t that the fire department’s issue?  Aren’t they responsible for fighting the fire?  Of course, the answer is a clear “yes.” However, there is an insidious issue that has, at times, prevented fire departments from doing their job: inoperable fire hydrants.