Community Update – April 2020

Community Update – April 2020

 Our featured article, “Obtaining a Bank Loan; Step-by-Step,” explores the process of attaining a line of credit. A loan can help an association ensure they have necessary funding to navigate through an emergency, whether it be due to the coronavirus, hurricane season, or otherwise.

We live in an age where the lack of civility has become a common occurrence in daily life, whether it be on the internet, on the highway, or even in line at the grocery store. For tips on dealing with rampant incivility that also extends into your community read, “Is Incivility Having an Impact on the Operation of Your Association?”

Is flying the Gadsen, “Don’t Tread on Me,” flag in your community allowed? The short answer is: it depends. Find out why in, “Don’t Tread on Me”: The Permissibility of the Gadsden Flag in Your Community.”

Lastly, “THIS CASE: Why does it matter?” delves into a case matter that questions the applicability of unit owners enclosing their balconies without prior approval from their association. Find out why THIS CASE matters.

Also, don’t miss this month’s Spanish Feature! Becker Shareholder Rosa M. de la Camara, Esq. has an in-depth discussion in Spanish with Radio Caracol’s Raquel Regalado and Felix Guillermo on 1260AM. Listen here.