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New Jersey Legislative Leaders Seek Immunity for Community Associations

The aggressive nature of COVID-19 required extraordinary measures by governing bodies – both at the national level and in every community across America – to slow and/or stop its spread. One of the more controversial actions was dictating the close of community amenities, e.g. the pool, gym, clubhouse, etc., despite the resistance of residents. Many […]

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Exercising with Caution | Requirements for Gym Openings in New Jersey

On August 27, Governor Murphy issued Executive Order 181 (2020) (the “Order”), setting forth requirements for opening health clubs, as defined by N.J.S.A. 56:8-39, which includes gyms and fitness centers.

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NYS Court of Appeals Amends Its Rules of Practice

As part of the New York Appellate Courts’ continuing efforts to re-open and address the challenges posed by the COVID-19 global pandemic, the New York State Court of Appeals has amended its Rules of Practice regarding Rule 500.10 jurisdictional inquiries as well as motions for leave to appeal and reargument. These amendments are deemed effective […]

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Becker’s Glenn Spiegel Weighs in on Next Steps for Retailers After COVID-19 on CGTN

As the Novel Coronavirus forces retailers to close their doors, many are wondering how they can sustain business and afford the rent. With retail sales down and business grinding to a halt, some are inquiring if force majeure clauses in their contract will apply to the coronavirus, something that will give relief to some and […]

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BeckerNorth Newsletter – April 2020

As you know, we have been frequently communicating to you during this period of crisis to offer our support and advice on the numerous issues confronting all of us. Fortunately, we have had the necessary infrastructure in place since the beginning, which has allowed us to continue to provide uninterrupted, high-level service to our clients […]

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COVID-19 and the NYS Litigation Frontier

As we continue “to boldly go where no one has gone before,” the New York State Unified Court System announced yesterday that beginning Monday, April 13, its virtual courts will begin handling more than just essential and emergency matters. Furthermore, in an effort to advance pending litigations and possibly facilitate resolutions, State Court Judges have […]

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Becker Obtains Preliminary Injunction Enjoining Former Employees from Utilizing Allegedly Misappropriated Information

Absent an employment agreement with a restrictive covenant or no-compete clause, one would think that a former employee could solicit their former employer’s clients without any problem. While that would normally be the case, the former employees can’t take or use confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets for their own self-enrichment and/or the enrichment […]

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28 Becker Attorneys Named as Super Lawyers

Becker proudly congratulates our attorneys selected as Super Lawyers. As of 2018, we boast 28 lawyers who have received this prestigious designation. Please click on their names to read more about each of these attorneys. Super Lawyer Recipients: Joseph E. Adams*, Real Estate (Office Managing Shareholder, Fort Myers/Naples) Hugo V. Alvarez, Insurance Coverage Disputes, Real Estate […]

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