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What Should a Buyer Do After They Have Purchased Their Dream Home?

Completing a home purchase is an exciting moment for everyone who worked on the real estate transaction.  The seller has sold a property and perhaps made a nice profit from the sale.  The real estate agents that worked hard on the transaction for several months are finally going to get paid for their services.  The […]

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Becker’s Real Estate Practice in Tampa Grows with Addition of Terri Thomas

April 1, 2019 — TAMPA, FL – Becker, a multi-practice commercial law firm with attorneys, lobbyists and other professionals at offices across the Eastern Seaboard, today announced that Terri N. Thomas has joined the Real Estate Practice as a Shareholder based in the firm’s Tampa office, where she will focus on commercial real estate. Ms. […]

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Simple Protections for Buyers in Commercial Real Estate Contract Negotiations

When entering into a contract to purchase commercial real estate, experienced investors and developers generally understand that dozens of things could go wrong before the closing date that would prevent the closing from happening or could make the acquisition less than attractive, giving the buyer pause as to whether to close at all. As such, […]

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Developer Is Preparing to Turnover the Association to the Owners. What Now?

Florida law governs the transition of association control from developer to owners. Some turnovers are smooth and accomplished in an expeditious manner. Other turnovers are difficult, complex, and result in litigation. A critical component to successful turnover from the developer perspective and community association perspective is communication. We encourage contacting our firm prior to the […]

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Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here

With apologies to Randy Newman and his classic 1970’s song, Short People, this refrain, “Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here,” equally applies to the lenders who must process and approve requests for short sales as well as the attorneys and closing agents and their clients who are tasked with processing and closing them.  Why […]

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“Investors Dash Into Miami Opportunity Zones,” The Real Deal

Investors and developers in Miami-Dade County have been pouring money into Opportunity Zones. From April through September, property sales in those areas tallied $942 million, a 25 percent increase from the same time in 2017, according to The Real Deal’s analysis of records. Becker Real Estate Shareholder Phil Rosen discusses this topic saying, “Investors are […]

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“Top 10 Reasons for Due Diligence,” Southwest Florida Business Today

Even if you are a sophisticated and seasoned commercial property owner, each transaction and each property is different and commercial experience alone does not replace the need to thoroughly perform due diligence on each property being purchased. Tyra Read outlines the questions that should be answered by your due diligence. Read the full article from […]

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Will the Government Shutdown Affect Your Ability to Secure a Home Mortgage?

Thinking about buying a home or condo and wondering whether the government shutdown will hinder your ability to obtain financing and close on your property? South Florida has seen a tremendous surge in residential real estate sales in recent months and the momentum has continued through the start of the New Year. If you are […]

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