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Community Update – March 2021

Community Update – March 2021

Paperwork isn’t the most glamorous part of being a community association member, but this edition of Becker’s Community Update outlines why ignoring administrative tasks would be a big mistake. From governing documents and electoral procedures to zoning and entitlement status, having your details safely squared away sets you and your community on the right path. And don’t forget that concern for safety applies into the virtual space, as well. Check out the hot topics below, and don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook to get real time updates on these issues and more!

In Elections Have Consequences, Jay Roberts asks you to consider your community association’s electoral procedures in the same light as the United States of America’s. Important. Impactful. Challengeable.

Ever wondered Why Community Associations Should Check Their Zoning and Entitlement History Katie Berkey explains why that understanding what is permissible on your property or how you can renovate it will save you from stumbling into violations, fines, and other headaches.

Community associations must follow use restrictions outlined in their governing documents and apply them to every unit owner/resident equally. Mark D. Friedman reviews the final ruling – all or nothing – of the Court in THIS CASE: Prisco v. Forest Villas Condominium Apartments, Inc.

Guest columnist Jack Kallus shares his perspective on how to protect your association’s data privacy when using email, text, or even photography. On the Board: Privacy Protected originally appeared in the most recent issue of Common Ground: CAI’s magazine for Community Association Leaders.

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