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Community Update – December 2021

Community Update – December 2021

Before heading into the New Year, we look back at the year’s most popular reads. This month’s featured articles highlight the topics you found most interesting in 2021 – from fining committees to questions about remote meetings.

From all of us at Becker, we wish you a happy holiday and a joyous, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Top 5 Community Update Articles of 2021

1. Of all enforcement options available to an association for violations of its governing documents, the imposition of fines is one that yields many questions due to the strict procedures required to impose a fine. Learn more in, “What is a “Fining Committee” and Who Can Be on It?”.

2. Although Florida’s Sunshine Laws don’t apply to community associations, the Condominium Act has its own set of “sunshine” requirements to be aware of. Karyan San Martano breaks down what the statute says in, “‘Sunshine Laws’ for Condominium Associations.”.

3. While Mother Nature may be hard to harness, community associations are often tasked with doing just that to protect both residents and property. In, “Responsibility for Tree Branches and Roots,” Elizabeth Lanham-Patrie explores how the law decides who needs to tackle this chore..

4. As of July 1, 2021, associations are required to send delinquent owners a Notice of Late Assessments prior to turning the account over to collections. Learn best practices for sending this letter in, “A Guide to Sending the New Notice of Late Assessment.”