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Names of Unit Week Owners not Available in Timeshare Condominiums

Q:  You recently published an article stating that the names of fellow unit owners are a public record.  Is the rule the same for timeshare condominium associations? A:  No.  When it comes to providing the names (and other information) of owners of a timeshare, the “rules” are different.  Unlike the Condominium Act (Chapter 718, Florida […]

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Episode 04: Social Events in Your Community Association – “Can They Do That?

Your association is planning a big 4th of July party that also happens to be quite expensive. In episode 04 of “Can They Do That?,” Rosa de la Camara discusses whether or not a community social event can be deemed a legitimate common expense. When it comes to association rules and bylaws, there seem to […]

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2019 Florida Legislative Session – CALL Alert for April 18, 2019

I am delighted to report that the fraudulent ESA bill, HB 721, is moving along nicely and just passed its last House Committee (Judiciary) Tuesday with a unanimous vote of 17 Yeas. Previous Committee votes: Civil Justice – 14 yeas, 0 Nays // Children, Families & Seniors – 15 Yeas, 0 Nays. Also on Tuesday, […]

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Can an Association Be Held Liable for Discriminatory Conduct of Residents?

On a daily basis we read about acts of hatred and discrimination occurring in our society.  As residential communities are microcosms of the society at large, associations, too, are increasingly faced with determining how to deal with such issues.  Legal precedent has established that associations may be held liable for discriminatory acts committed by its […]

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2019 Florida Legislative Session – CALL Alert for April 16, 2019

The issue of retrofitting with an Engineered Life Safety System (ELSS) impacts older Florida high-rises (buildings constructed in 1992 or earlier that are 75 feet or higher). However, the issues discussed in today’s CALL Alert are instructive for all types of community associations when an operational issue in a community hinges on legislative relief. When […]

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2019 Florida Legislative Session – CALL Alert for April 08, 2019

HB 1153 (DuBose) and its companion bill SB 1270 (Farmer) seek to amend Section 501.172, F.S. to create the Florida Biometric Information Privacy Act. A growing number of Florida associations use electronic means to keep fingerprints and other biometric information on file when guests and vendors enter the community. Biometric information can include a retina […]

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