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New York & New Jersey Team Hosts “Community Association Clubs: Challenges and Perspectives” Event

On December 5th, we held our second presentation for association board members, club members, and managers. The event, “Community Association Clubs: Challenges and Perspectives,” was held at Sterling Pointe at Franklin HOA and was co-sponsored by NFP, Property & Casualty, and Wilkin & Guttenplan, CPAs. Two credits for continuing manager education were provided to those […]

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Becker Launches New Website Development Service for Community Associations Helps Compliance with Recent Law Regarding Mandatory Websites November 28, 2018 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL — Becker, a multi-practice commercial law firm with attorneys, lobbyists, and other professionals in offices throughout the East Coast, today announced the launch  of, a website development service that allows Florida-based community associations to design and manage their own […]

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Trustee Likely Able to Serve on the Board

Q: I am the trustee of a trust that owns a condominium.  I want to run for the board of directors at the next annual meeting. My neighbor said that I will not be able to run because my name is not on the title. As the trustee of the trust that owns the condominium, […]

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Procedure To Convert To Pooled Reserves

Q: Can a condominium association board vote to convert from straight-line reserves to pooled reserves without a membership vote?  R.F. via e-mail A: “Cash flow” funding of condominium reserves, often referred to as the “pooling” method of reserve funding, is a concept that was introduced many years ago through an amendment to the state’s administrative […]

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Directors Usually Permitted To Hold More Than One Office

Q: Can the president of a condominium association also serve as the treasurer? None of the other board members would accept the treasurer’s position, and our president now has a dual role. (K.S., via e-mail) A: Unless prohibited by the condominium documents, yes. Section 718.112(2)(a)1 of the Florida Condominium Act provides that a condominium association’s […]

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Unanimous Approval Likely Not Required For Amendments

Q: My association levied a special assessment to fund a repair project to our clubhouse. The project is now complete and there is money left over from the special assessment. The board has been discussing what it should do with this money and has not yet come to an agreement. Isn’t the association obligated to […]

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Neighbors Can Deal With Nuisances Directly

Q: I live on the second floor of a condominium building, where I own the unit. The unit above me is rented to a nice young couple, but they are “night owls” and have a lot of friends over to visit. Sometimes, things get quite noisy (loud music, doors slamming when friends leave, boisterous talk […]

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HOA or Civic Association?

Civic Associations and Homeowners Associations: How do they Differ? We are all grateful for the improvements to our neighborhood that have been accomplished by the Victoria Park Civic Association such as the rezoning of our elementary school (Victoria Park children now have the option of attending Virginia Shuman Young or Harbordale Elementary). Their countless successes […]

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What Fee Arrangement Is Best for Your Community’s Litigation?

After the turnover of a community, many associations face the prospect of litigation with the developer of the community or the contractor and subcontractors who constructed the condominium building or HOA common areas. Such litigation may be a construction defect lawsuit or a dispute over missing reserve funds. These lawsuits can sometimes be hastily filed […]

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