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Involved Versus Committed: Does My Community Associations Need a Social Media Policy?

Across the green from Becker’s Morristown office is a delightful restaurant named “The Committed Pig.” When you walk in the door, a sign on the wall explains the restaurant’s interesting moniker: the best way to describe the difference between involvement and commitment is “bacon & eggs” the chicken is involved, but the pig is committed […]

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John S. Prisco Named CAI NJ’s “Speaker of the Year”

We are thrilled to announce Becker shareholder John S. Prisco has been named “Speaker of the Year” by the Community Association Institute’s New Jersey Chapter. John earned this recognition for leading a November 2023 webinar, “Preparing for the Future—Continuity Planning for Community Associations.”  In his discussion, John shared his insights on disaster preparedness and the […]

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The Impact of the New Department of Labor Rule on Worker Classification and Ensuring Proper Classification of Workers

In the early 2000s, employers and established businesses rarely sought out the work of independent contractors. Now decades later this has changed significantly as employers are relying more and more on independent contractors instead of employees. While using independent contractors can have certain benefits, there can also be certain risks especially when it comes to […]

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Addressing Burdensome Records Requests via the Rule-Making Power of Condominium Associations

Records requests can become quite daunting when a board of directors is faced with a high volume of demands from unit owners asserting their right of inspection of the association’s official records. Section 718.111(12)(c)(1) of the Florida Condominium Act (“Act”) permits condominium associations to “adopt reasonable rules regarding the frequency, time, location, notice, and manner […]

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So, You Received a Written Inquiry

Your community association has just received, by certified mail, a letter from a unit owner with several questions about the operation of the Association. What do you do next? First and foremost, you should always ensure that your community association’s legal counsel is promptly notified of such inquiries because receipt alone may trigger time sensitive […]

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Not In My Backyard! Regulating Short-Term Vacation Rentals with Texas Attorney David Schwarte

For more episodes of Take It To The Board, click here! It’s a complex issue that is reshaping neighborhoods and communities across the country. We are talking about Airbnb, a homestay rental experience that has quickly become a major disruptor in the global hospitality industry. It’s also become a major security concern in many private […]

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From Developer to Homeowners: A Brief Overview of Transition in New Jersey Community Associations

Congratulations on becoming homeowners in your new community! As you settle in and start to personalize your spaces, an important milestone awaits: the transfer of control from the developer to the unit owners. This process, known as “transition,” marks the moment when you and your fellow residents take the reins of your community, shaping its […]

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“Term Limit Law Still 2 Years Away” – News-Press

Q: My condominium association will be having its annual meeting soon, which will include an election for members to the board of directors. Some of our board members have served for numerous years, and I understood that there are now term limits on the number of years a board member could serve. What is the […]

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Becker Spotlight: Martin Cabalar on Developer Transition, Construction Defects, & New Jersey’s Structural Integrity and Reserve Funding Law

Recognized by New Jersey Super Lawyers as a ‘Rising Star,’ if you spend a few minutes with Martin Cabalar, you’ll realize it’s true. Cabalar, a shareholder in Becker’s New Jersey office, is part of the firm’s community association and construction litigation practice groups. He wears several hats, from serving as General Counsel for community associations […]

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Navigating Defamation Lawsuits and Non-Compete Clauses with Keith Grumer, of Grumer Law

For more episodes of Take It To The Board, click here! The topic of defamation has become more prevalent as civil discourse has eroded. Unfortunately, sometimes it is the rare board member and/or manager who has not been subject to some form of potential slander or libel throughout their course of community association service. Host Donna […]

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“Statute Of Limitations Apply to Associations” – News-Press

Q: My homeowners’ association recently sent me a notice stating that I had to remove a number of tree stumps in my back yard. The stumps are from trees that were removed following Hurricane Irma. Nothing has changed since those trees were cut down over five years ago. I don’t understand why my association is […]

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“A ‘CliffsNotes’ Guide for New Condominium Board Members” – FCAP Managers Report

The election is over, and you have earned a coveted seat on your condominium association’s board of directors. Now what? This helpful guide will provide you with a “CliffsNotes” version of important things to remember as you embark on your journey as a director. What exactly does a member of the board of directors do? […]

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Michael Gongora Recognized in Florida Legal Awards by the Daily Business Review

Becker is proud to announce Michael Gongora, a community association Shareholder at our Miami office, has been named as a finalist in The Daily Business Review’s 2024 Florida Legal Awards. Michael is an honoree in the diversity and inclusion category. Michael is a political trailblazer as the first openly gay Hispanic to win elected office […]

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Take It To The Board Podcast Ranks in the Top 10% of Most Popular Podcasts by

Becker is thrilled to announce our Take It To The Board podcast ranks in the top 10% of most popular podcasts globally by podcast search engine and database,  Additionally, the podcast’s listen score, a metric that shows the estimated popularity compared to all public podcasts in the world, ranks 28. There are more than […]

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CALL ALERT: Strike-All Amendment to HB 1021

Representative Lopez’s HB 1021 just passed the Regulatory Reform & Economic Development Subcommittee with a strike-all amendment without objection and will be heard next in the State Administration & Technology Appropriations Subcommittee. The Senate counterpart to this bill, Senator Bradley’s SB 1178, does not currently match up.

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Jennifer Biletnikoff Quoted on

What authority does an HOA Board have over residents who sound off on the community’s Facebook page? What about those who post inaccurate or incomplete information? Are board members allowed to attend violation hearings? What should be the appropriate response when condo/HOA owners request contract access? In the latest series of articles and questions from […]

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Everybody’s Sick: The Best Ways to Prevent Illness in a Multifamily Community with Dr. Jason Mansour of Broward Health

For more episodes of Take It To The Board, click here! Does it seem like everyone around you is coughing, sniffling, or under the weather? It’s no coincidence—we’re currently in the middle of cold and flu season. Join Donna DiMaggio Berger and guest Dr. Jason Mansour, Chair of Emergency Medicine at Broward Health, to learn the best ways […]

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Community Update – January 2024

The 2024 Legislative Session promises to bring sweeping changes to community association operations throughout Florida. In this issue of CUP, we highlight which bills we are watching, the Corporate Transparency Act, and the possibility of self-insurance. Don’t miss our weekly online legislative briefing with Bryony Swift. Also featured this month is our popular podcast, Take […]

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Condominium Rule Restrictions of Door-to-Deliveries: A Right or a Convenience?

In today’s world, almost anything you can fathom can be conveniently delivered to your door. Whether it is pet food, medicine, or your next meal, you can have seemingly anything you want delivered without ever leaving the comfort of your condominium unit. But has this convenience become a right? Can a condominium control such deliveries?

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The Danger of Substituting Artificial Intelligence for Your Attorney

“Don’t confuse your Google Search with My Law Degree.” This is a popular saying found on attorney coffee mugs these days, and this sentiment does not seem so farfetched as we live in a world increasingly dependent on autonomy and artificial intelligence (“AI”). It’s rare to see people without their phone glued to their hands, […]

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Things Associations Should Know About Tax Deed Sales

Every so often associations will unexpectedly receive notice that a tax deed has been applied for in connection with a parcel or condominium unit in the community. Those notices will describe tax certificates, provide a redemption amount, and state the date on which the parcel or unit will be auctioned for unpaid property taxes if […]

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Becker Named to U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Companies to Work For” List

January 30, 2024 – Becker is proud to announce its inclusion in the inaugural list of The Best Companies to Work for Among U.S. Law Firms by U.S. News & World Report. The award reflects Becker’s commitment to employee well-being and job satisfaction across various critical factors. Guided by a panel of experts, U.S. News […]

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CALL ALERT: Fresh News on The Estoppel Bill (CS/SB 278)

This is the second in a series of weekly updates, each focusing on a Bill that we at CALL believe deserves your close attention. To those of you who answered our call to reach out to legislators on the Senate Fiscal Policy Committee last week, thank you. The Senate Fiscal Policy Committee adopted a strike […]

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