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Term Limit Law Continues to Spark Controversy

There have been some interesting recent developments involving the new law establishing term limits for condominium board members, which has been the subject of at least two of my recent columns. The Florida Condominium Act was amended effective July 1, 2018 to provide that a board member may not serve more than 8 consecutive years […]

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Board Spending Authority Not Unlimited

Q: My condominium association has a number of committees including a social committee. Recently there was a discussion at a board meeting concerning the association paying for certain social committee activities, including providing food and drinks at parties. However, the board stated that it cannot use the association’s funds to pay for social events and […]

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Law360 Highlights New Partner Trio in Florida Offices

            In an October 4th article titled “Becker & Poliakoff Lands Partner Trio In Fla. Offices,” Law360 took note of Becker’s  continued, fast-paced growth in key practice areas including  real estate, community associations, development, zoning and land use, as well as business litigation. The story reported that David K. Blattner, […]

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Association Not Required To Mail Out Records

Q: I am in the process of getting property insurance for my condominium unit. My insurance company will not issue a policy until they review the master insurance policy that the association has in place for the buildings. I called the management company for a copy of the policy, but they have not sent it […]

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Swimming Lessons in the Community Pool – What’s the Risk?

In Florida, even after the heart of summer is long gone community swimming pools get a lot of use. But with increased use can come increased risks, particularly where owners are hiring instructors to provide private swimming lessons in the community pool. If you suspect that this may be occurring in your community, there are […]

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Charging the Way: New Law Opens the Door for Electric Charging Stations in Condominiums

A recent amendment to Chapter 718, Florida’s Condominium Act, facilitates a unit owner’s ability to install and use an electric-vehicle charging station within their condominium. Section 718.113(8), Florida Statutes, which took effect on July 1, 2018, created a new provision stating that a declaration of a condominium or the board of administration of a condominium […]

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Those Pesky Little White Balls

Living in a golf course community is the ultimate dream for many. However, a golf course address can equate to some rather nightmarish liability issues for many community associations. Those issues often stem from misdirected golf swings or “errant” shots. There is no statutory law that governs golf ball liability. However, the Supreme Court of […]

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New Laws Don’t Always Apply

Q: I read your recent column which gave your opinion that the new condominium law on board member term limits is not retroactive. With so many changes to the law every year, how are we supposed to know which new laws apply to us and which ones don’t? (L.S. via email.) A: That is a […]

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Is New Term Limit Restriction Retroactive?

Q: Is the new director term limit law for condominium associations retroactive? M.N. via e-mail A: You are referring to a recent 2018 change to the Condominium Act which further clarified a change that was initially made in 2017. The 2017 change provided for no more than four consecutive two-year terms, and required two-thirds of […]

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