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Panic Is Setting In – The Housing Market Must Be About to Crash

Over the last few days, I have been flooded with articles about one mortgage company after another laying off hundreds, or thousands of employees because over the last several weeks, mortgage originations are down. Similarly, I am seeing articles that title companies who close residential loans, are laying off employees for the same reason. Armageddon […]

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War In Ukraine Can Affect U.S. Real Estate Transactions

As we watch the news each night, we see images of the devastating war in Ukraine. Millions of Ukrainian citizens have been displaced from their homes and are now considered refugees. The humanitarian crisis grows every day. It’s hard to imagine how such suffering can reach our daily business transactions here at home, but it […]

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Are Commercial Tenants in for a Surprise?

In early January, we learned that the inflation rate reached a staggering 7%, the highest rate since 1982. Analysts blamed many things for this increase. COVID and supply chain issues are cited as two of the leading causes. I don’t suppose it matters much to the average person why everything costs so much. We all […]

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Becker Launches Interdisciplinary Sea Level Rise Advisory Team to Serve Florida’s Coastal Residents

As one of the first law firms in Florida to address the legal issues stemming from sea level rise, Becker is excited to announce its interdisciplinary Sea Level Rise Advisory Team which includes experienced and knowledgeable lawyers ready to assist our clients in preparing for the future. Our multifaceted team is comprised of specialists at […]

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Buying Commercial Property? Take Property Inspections Seriously

Everybody who has ever bought a house knows that the property inspection is a crucial part of the purchase process. The property inspector tells the buyer whether the house is in good condition or if repairs are necessary. If nothing else, buyers pay close attention to the roof inspection. A defective roof will derail any […]

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David Blattner Featured in LexisNexis’ National Commercial Leasing Report

LexisNexis recently released its June 2021 Commercial Leasing Report, reviewing the current U.S. commercial leasing market. The report is based on data from hundreds of recently negotiated, non-publicly filed commercial leases and contains expert opinion, including that of Becker’s David Blattner, regarding the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. “After the “shock” and economic stimulus […]

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“Commercial Real Estate Development (FL),” LexisNexis Practical Guidance ®

Commercial Real Estate Development (FL) discusses key considerations for a developer of commercial real estate (CRE) in Florida. For purposes of this note, CRE development refers to retail, office, medical, industrial, hospitality, multifamily residential, and other types of commercial properties. Development means new construction or renovation of existing structures. This note is written from the perspective […]

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Becker’s Washington Weekly: April 19, 2021

THE HOUSE The House returns this week and will spend Monday evening voting on a series of bills under suspension of the rules. Among the mostly non-controversial legislation expected to receive a vote and pass under suspension is a package of bills related to the Department of Homeland Security, HR 1532 – the Improving Federal […]

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Becker’s Washington Weekly: April 12, 2021

President Joe Biden is pushing Congress to pass his hefty infrastructure and budget proposals only three weeks after it passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. His $2.2 trillion infrastructure plan aims to achieve physical infrastructure modernization, nationwide electric vehicle adoption, and other climate-related initiatives. His $1.5 trillion budget proposal would boost investments in similar […]

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Becker’s Washington Weekly: March 8, 2021

THE HOUSE The House is back in session for four days of votes this week. At the top of the agenda will be the $1.9 trillion relief bill which the Senate, after some delay, passed over the weekend. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said the bill could pass as early as Tuesday afternoon; it is […]

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“Home Heartache,” WSVN 7 News Miami

Buying a home is a complex undertaking that, in order to reach a smooth conclusion, requires the good faith efforts of all parties involved. When that trust is compromised, the process of recovering monies invested or enforcing protective contract clauses can become volatile and overwhelming for homebuyers. Veteran real estate attorney David Blattner discusses the […]

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David Blattner Reminds Homebuyers to Establish & Trust Their Real Estate Team

As ‘pandemic migration’ continues, real estate markets outside of city centers are enjoying an infusion of serious buyers and motivated sellers. If you’re exploring a new home purchase, especially if that home is in a new city or state, it is crucial to surround yourself with a team you can trust. I’ve written several blogs […]

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“Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Property (FL),” Practical Guidance

There are many issues to consider when buying or selling commercial real estate (CRE) in Florida. The considerations that buyers and sellers face are sometimes different and these issues may differ by asset class as well. This practice note focuses on general considerations for CRE transactions while noting some specific instances that may arise in […]

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Association Title Services is Now Becker Title

Please join us as we celebrate the official launch of Becker Title! About Becker Title: Becker Title is the in-house title company of Becker & Poliakoff, a Florida-based law firm focusing on residential real estate closings, title, and escrow services. While we have modernized the look and feel of our logo and website to better […]

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Webinar: State of the CRE Industry: Will It Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Experts look ahead at how COVID-19 will continue to change the real estate market. Where will funding come from? Will evictions and foreclosure cause a new crisis? How will future development be affected? Join us for this timely discussion among senior industry professionals and a glimpse at what the future may hold. Watch the replay […]

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Webinar: A Look Ahead at the “New Normal” for CRE Transactions.

Becker hosted the webinar, “A Look Ahead at the “New Normal” for CRE Transactions.” Hear the latest insights from brokers, lenders, and developers as we explore their outlook for the next 3-12 months including what it will take to get CRE transactions to closing and how the industry can adapt to the restrictions imposed in […]

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Webinar: Force Majeure in the Age of COVID-19

Hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters are commonly found in force majeure clauses, however, global pandemics are often left out. Join us for a live, in-depth discussion on this topic Thursday, April 23, from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Becker attorneys will examine force majeure from a broad perspective, discussing how the clause affects players […]

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House Passes Two Affordable Housing Bills

The House of Representatives passed two bills in early March that supporters hope will encourage affordable housing development. HR 4351, the Yes in My Backyard (YIMBY) Act and HR 5931, the Improving FHA Support for Small Dollar Mortgages Act, both passed the House on voice vote with bi-partisan support and have been forwarded to the […]

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Coronavirus Disrupts Major Projects

As most of us have adjusted to the new reality brought on by the coronavirus (COVID-19), developers and lenders are forced to look at the resulting economic shut down on ongoing real estate projects. When this virus first started making the news late last year, few people anticipated that it would turn into a global […]

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Pop-Up Leasing is Good for Everyone

As Halloween approaches, we have all probably noticed a number of pop-up Halloween costume and party shops opening around town.  As soon as they close, the Christmas stores will take their place.  Holiday and other pop-ups have become very popular in the retail landscape over the last decade or so.  For both landlords and tenants, […]

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Controlling Uncontrollable Expenses

It has been some time since I last wrote about operating expenses in leases.  Tenants like certainty in budgeting and, because of the way most leases are drafted, landlords often have flexibility to change and increase operating expenses each year.  I have previously offered suggestions on how tenants can limit some of this uncertainty and […]

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Is Your Real Estate Agent On Your Side?

Buyers and Sellers of Florida real estate, particularly residential real estate, generally assume that their brokers and agents are working exclusively for them. And though I have no doubt that the vast majority of brokers are ethical, honest and hardworking, the fact is that Florida law provides that all broker relationships are presumed to be […]

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Simple Protections for Buyers in Commercial Real Estate Contract Negotiations

When entering into a contract to purchase commercial real estate, experienced investors and developers generally understand that dozens of things could go wrong before the closing date that would prevent the closing from happening or could make the acquisition less than attractive, giving the buyer pause as to whether to close at all. As such, […]

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Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here

With apologies to Randy Newman and his classic 1970’s song, Short People, this refrain, “Don’t Want No Short Sales ‘Round Here,” equally applies to the lenders who must process and approve requests for short sales as well as the attorneys and closing agents and their clients who are tasked with processing and closing them.  Why […]

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Hugo Alvarez Serves as the Bridge Between Developer and Bank for $51 Million Construction Loan

Miami-based apartment developer Estate Investments recently obtained a $51.35 million construction loan to proceed with Soleste Alameda, a two-building, 306-unit residential development. Of the $51.35 million, $46.7 million will be financed by Arkansas-based Centennial Bank. Becker shareholders Hugo Alvarez, Michael Boutzoukas, and David Blattner represented Centennial in the deal. Hugo, who acted as the bridge […]

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Law360 Highlights New Partner Trio in Florida Offices

            In an October 4th article titled “Becker & Poliakoff Lands Partner Trio In Fla. Offices,” Law360 took note of Becker’s  continued, fast-paced growth in key practice areas including  real estate, community associations, development, zoning and land use, as well as business litigation. The story reported that David K. Blattner, […]

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